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Webinar 28/01/2016

Not all web conferencing tools are created equal. Join us to learn how WebEx, Lync, GoToMeeting, and others compare to Adobe Connect for online meetings, training, and webinars on topics like engaging features, customizability, ease-of-use, and more.

You will discover:

- More engaging and interactive features

InfoWorld recently published a web conferencing review titled ‘WebEx and GoToMeeting meet their match‘ that ranked Adobe Connect the top solution, followed by Zoom and CiscoWebEx.

Whether you’re new to Adobe Connect or you’re a power user, this session will help you get the most out of the product. Adobe's “Connectionist”, Peter Ryce, will be joined by other members of the product team to help answer your questions and show you some tips and tricks in this informal session.

We are happy to announce the release of Adobe Connect 9.5.

The novelties in this release are in:

Adobe Connect Learning

  • Support learning standards: HTML5 content support in virtual classrooms and offline MP4 recordings in all meeting rooms.

Adobe Connect Webinars

Adobe Connect customers will receive an email regarding preparations for our Fall release.

This release will require installing a new add-in. (version 11.9.974.205 or higher) and will also officially change the minimum supported Adobe Flash Player version to Flash 13.0 for attending meetings.

For any information please contact us.


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Session Date: Tuesday, August 11, 2015
Time: 10AM PT
Length: 1 Hour
Presenters: Pooja Jaisingh, Nipun Sharma, Gourav Sinha

We invite you to take part of Adobe Connect Webinars and Trainings in August and September 2015.

Please check this link and find proper webinar for you

A few days ago Adobe was informed about the vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player, that is used in Adobe Connect, among other programs.

Adobe has localised the problems and remedied and prevented that the same type of attack will be used in the future.

During a visit to the Halfmoon Bay school on Monday, Prince Harry attended a German class through Adobe Connect.
Students from both Halfmoon Bay school and other schools attended the class.