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Connect Innovation is organizing a webinar with title ”Effective online solutions for education” for all professors, students and other staff in educational institutions.

Take part of this webinar and learn how Connect Innovation solutions can organize lecturing to large audience, do online staff training, track learner progress and share rich multimedia content.

Connect Innovation is organizing a webinar with title “Online solutions for generation of high quality leads” for all marketing managers and other people who are interested in innovative ways to reach new customers, engage them and offer a unique experience through powerful online solutions.

We have right solutions for you, take a look.
Technology for Web Meetings and Online Collaboration

You can organize effective online meetings with your potential or existing clients and communicate with them with high level messages and multimedia content.
Be innovative, be unique and engage them as soon as possible.  

Solutions based on Information and communication technologies (ICTs)

Our solutions based on Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)  have a significant impact on the lives of people - bringing them closer together, making differences less important and amplifying economic activity and growth

Teach and learn online with effective software solution.

Our solution facilitates the rapid creation and delivery of compelling on-demand courses and highly interactive virtual classes. From creating curriculum to sharing content to providing testing, grading, tracking and reporting capabilities, we offer a complete solution for any online education program.

Design rich, intuitive and personalized customer experiences.

Today, financial services providers face a host of challenges, including a market driven by a proliferation of client options, eroding client loyalty, and regulatory demands. With rich, engaging, secure web conferencing options, financial services organizations have new ways to acquire and retain clients, reduce operational expenses, and support security and regulatory compliance requirements.

Connect Innovation solutions for health care and welfare, help organization in utilizing web video technologies in new models of care and foster better interaction between ePatient and eDoctor, eNurces, ePsychologists, eCouncellors, ePsysiotherapist, eDieties etc.

With Connect Innovation solutions you can captivate your customers with rich, engaging, and interactive experiences and make them available to virtually anyone, anywhere, on virtually any device, with just a click of a button.