Upcoming update: Adobe Connect 11.0 – Release Notes

Adobe Connect enables you to create rich digital training, webinars, and collaboration experiences. For an overview of Adobe Connect,  see our recorded webinars available on  4 languages. 

Adobe Connect 11.0 is a major release providing new meeting applications, a completely new interface for hosts and presenters, improvements to key features, and greater accessibility.


Release dates
Adobe Connect 11.0 rolls out in the following phases:

Hosted services:
Upgrades will begin on September 1st, 2020.
On-premise deployments: Will be available from September 26th, 2020.

Managed services:
Contact your Adobe Connect Managed Services (ACMS) representative, or private cloud provider, to schedule an upgrade.
You can always contact us, our support team is always available to make the usage of Adobe Connect as simple as possible.


What's New in Adobe Connect 11.0
New Applications

The new Adobe Connect 11 Windows application provides an all-new user interface across meetings, virtual classrooms, and seminar rooms. Users can access all features, including HD cameras and screen sharing. A new Mac application provides greater reliability and better support for USB microphones.


Improved Features

Hosts have greater flexibility in managing layouts, controlling access to the host/presenter area, and naming breakout rooms. Share pods now support GIF content, participants can be rotated through breakout rooms, and layouts can be locked.


Enhanced Participants Rights

Participants in a browser can now be given enhanced capabilities including webcam and drawing rights. Participants in a browser will now get presenter rights when moved to breakout rooms.


Greater Accessibility

Participants can now access subtitles and descriptive audio tracks in MP4 videos. Uploaded PDF content can now be read by screen readers.
For more information on the new features and enhancements in Adobe Connect 11.0, see What's New in Adobe Connect.


System requirements

Adobe Connect application
This update includes new versions of the Adobe Connect application for both Windows and Mac.

You will be prompted to install and run the new Adobe Connect application in the following situations:

You attempt to login to a meeting using a previous version of the Adobe Connect meeting application.
You attempt to share your screen from a browser.
You select “Switch to desktop application” from the meeting context menu.

The 'lightning installer' workflow, which installed the application directly from within the meeting, required the Flash Player and is no longer available with Adobe Connect 11.

If you are an administrator, ensure that end users have the latest Adobe Connect application. Download the latest stand-alone or MSI installers for the Adobe Connect application from this page


Upgrade paths for on-premise deployments
Here are the prerequisites for this release:

From Adobe Connect 8.x, upgrade to Adobe Connect 9.x
From Adobe Connect 9.x, upgrade to Adobe Connect 11.0
From Adobe Connect 10.x, upgrade to Adobe Connect 11.0


Connect Innovation, from the other side, provides online course for each and any kind of users of Adobe Connect, no matter if you are experienced one, or you just started to use Adobe Connect, we are more than sure that our online courses could bring something good and improve your knowledge for the platform.





Source: Adobe Connect Blog

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