Adobe Connect 11

Adobe Connect 11 brings you the latest features with only one aim - making virtual experiences more real.
Adobe Connect 11.0 is a major release providing new meeting applications, a completely new interface for hosts and presenters, improvements to key features, and greater accessibility.


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What's New in Adobe Connect 11.0

New experience - Enabling consistent, rich experiences and ubiquitous access through modern HTML browsers and a new windows desktop application.

Brand new look
We proudly unveil a modern, intuitive, minimalistic and responsive UI, based on Adobe's state-of-the-art Spectrum design system. A framework to help us design consistent visual experiences across devices, with the highest standards of accessibility and respect for the user's attention.

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Eliminate barriers to entry - Now hosts, presenters, and participants can leverage almost the full* range of features via any modern HTML browser. No add-ins, no downloads.

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Adobe Connect HTML SDK v 2020 on Adobe Developer Console now available to open an expansive universe of possibilities for even more impactful, accessible & collaborative content experiences.

Better accessibility - Enabling an even better experience for users with mobility, vision & hearing challenges.

More accessible stories
We aim to create virtual experiences accessible to all, which is why we’ve now introduced support for embedded subtitles for MP4 videos, making comprehension easy for participants restricted by language barriers, hearing disabilities, or noisy or sound-sensitive environments.

More accessible multi-media
We now support descriptive audio and foreign language tracks for videos to drive better participant engagement, comprehension, and retention.

More accessible documents
With Adobe Connect, PDF documents shared natively can now be made available to screen readers, enabling sight-impaired participants to hear the text.

Enhanced host - controls Enabling you to be the stellar story-teller, even more so on a virtual stage.

Better breakouts
Be it students working on group assignments, or conference attendees visiting virtual booths; you can now make their virtual experience feel more real by naming those breakouts. You can also time their journey and rotate participants between breakouts with just a click.

Easier layouts
Your perfectly designed stage is now easy to manage too. The new broad panel Manage Layouts view can help with its quick search, select, drag, rename, and delete capabilities. It also lets you Lock Layouts to ensure that the perfect stage stays perfect.

Smoother recordings
We know how important it is to perpetuate your live sessions by converting them to recorded interactive content for on-demand learning. Now let the new Recording Reminders help you do that better.

Connect Central Updates

All Flash-based interfaces have now been updated to HTML including the home page calendar, recording editor, diagnostic test page, seminar calendar, event reporting, course content players, and all other dashboards and charts.

Better Audio

Significantly improved audio output in browsers. This applies to all meetings, virtual classrooms, webinars (seminar rooms), and recording playback in HTML.

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Adobe Connect application

This update includes new versions of the Adobe Connect application for both Windows and Mac. You will be prompted to install and run the new Adobe Connect application in the following situations:

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