Adobe Connect 12.1.5

Adobe Connect is coming up with another update and introducing us to new features and improvements to existing features.

Virtual Video Background - Beta
Users will be able to select a virtual video background from the Entry screen or from within the room (if they have camera rights).
Users will be able to blur their background or use one of the 9 preset images as their background.
This feature is available for the users joining from either the desktop applications or from one of the supported desktop browsers.

Redesigned Entry Screen

The Room Entry Screen where Attendees select the audio and video devices they want to use before joining the session has been redesigned.
The microphone, camera, and speaker buttons have been replaced with switches for better visible indication of the On or Off state improving accessibility.
The Test Speaker and Test Microphone buttons have been replaced with icon buttons for preventing misinterpretation of the Entry screen as a test screen.
The button to join the room has been moved into the dialog to make it more obvious and easier to click.
The Top bar has been added to indicate the profile the user has used to join the Adobe Connect room.
A new administrator and room level option has been added to disable the Entry Screen for the entire account or for individual rooms.
After clicking the ‘Join Room’ button, a new loading screen is shown indicating the status of the user's selected audio and video devices.

Pause Chat

A new option is available to the hosts for pausing the chat in a chat pod. While a chat is paused all attendees will continue to see the chat but they will not be able to add a new message.

Screenshare With System Audio
Sharing system audio from a browser tab while screen sharing will now be available when sharing Google Chrome/Chromium or Microsoft Edge browser tabs (Mac, Windows, ChromeOS, and Linux).

The Adobe Connect 12.2 update has a lot more fixes and features, Find the Adobe Connect 12.2 realize notes here

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