Adobe Connect - Best of eLearning 2020 Winner

Best of eLearning

Winning an award is not always about glory or attention. Rather it is a testimony to the success of hard work.
At the Best of Elearning! 2020 Awards, learning professionals voted via an online ballot for 45 Elearning solutions across 19 categories, and Adobe Connect finished at the top, where it belongs. It is an honor and joy to be acknowledged by our users as ‘The Best of Elearning! 2020’ in the Virtual Classrooms category.

About Best of eLearning Awards

Elearning! Media Group readers, practitioners, and community members nominate and vote for products and solutions via Elearning! Media Group’s online ballot. All ballots were cast from August 1 to October 1, 2020. Each ballot was reviewed and validated by the editorial team. All vendor ballots were voided.

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Connect Innovation provides online courses for each and any kind of user of Adobe Connect, no matter if you are an experienced one, or just started to use Adobe Connect, we are more than sure that our online courses could bring something good and improve your knowledge for the platform.



Source: Adobe Connect Blog

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