Adobe Connect for Webinars

If you're looking for webinar solutions that enable unforgettable stories while scaling to engage a global, diverse audience – you've found it.

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Audience engagement at scale

The success of a webinar and the quality of outcomes depends on the extent of participant engagement. Replace PowerPoint monologues and video fatigue with engaging storyboards, thoughtfully designed and infused with interactivity to capture your participants' cognitive attention.
Read their digital body language, and adapt to it. Manage massive events like a pro, with powerful backstage tools and moderation capabilities.

Allow presenters the ability to create easily repeatable but consistent and accessible sessions for an audience that's differently abled or from different time zones.

Customize the room's visual aesthetics with background images and wallpapers to suit your enterprise branding or the mood or theme of your story. Use custom banners, logos, and colors for login and administrative pages to create a webinar experience unique to your brand. Customize account and event URLs with the enterprise domain name.

Right from promotions to registrations, to delivering engaging live online webinars and virtual events, to tracking conversions by the campaign, to custom integrations with your CRM - we bring the potential of Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Analytics, embedded within one powerful package for all your demand-generation workflows.