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Reached 2,200+ job seekers in just 2 weeks

Jobcenter - Connecting more people with jobs

Jobcenter Kolding connects people looking for jobs with employers in the Kolding Municipality of Denmark. For job seekers, Jobcenter Kolding makes looking for a job easier by providing a single consultant contact for multiple companies. For employers, the organization streamlines recruiting by finding qualified candidates and handling administration involved in recruitment. This makes recruiting much faster and more efficient, especially for businesses that do not have their own human resources department.

The expert team of employment consultants at Jobcenter provides information, resources, and education to help job seekers find positions that meet their requirements. This can include helping people write resumes, prepare for a job interview, find job vacancies, or explore how skills might be transferred to a new career.

As remote workforces and digital interactions continue to become more common, Jobcenter consultants wanted to start providing both live and virtual events to expand the organization’s reach. Working with Adobe channel partner Connect Innovation, Jobcenter chose to implement Adobe Connect for its webinars.

“Adobe Connect is a comprehensive solution for delivering integrated, immersive online events. It enables us to maximize attendance and participation.”

Steen Petersen Business Consultant, Jobcenter Kolding

  • Increased availability of job information for people seeking work
  • Reached more than 2,200 webinar participants in 2 weeks
  • Provided instant access to live and recorded webinar content that retains active URLs and downloadable files like a live meeting
  • Met high standards for secure online meetings and information sharing 

  • Enable efficient meetings and streamlined content delivery accessible from any location
  • Create a flexible and interactive platform for meeting with job seekers virtually

Supporting virtual interaction among job seekers

With Adobe Connect, Jobcenter can deliver high-quality content, audio, and video to all virtual participants. “Providing virtual events in addition to live events allows us to extend our reach by enabling people who can’t attend in person to still participate and benefit,” says Petersen.

Adobe Connect has a variety of pods and layouts that allow Jobcenter to create unique webinar spaces to fit the needs of any virtual event. These pods, such as polls, chat windows, and games enable virtual participants to interact directly with each other or with presenters much like an in-person meeting.


“We’ve received positive feedback from participants about the high quality, consistency, and interactive nature of their experiences, which has encouraged us to continue to build on the Adobe Connect platform,” says Petersen.


Reaching more job seekers by adding virtual events

Since implementing Adobe Connect, in just a two-week period Jobcenter scheduled 30 webinars featuring 16 presenters. Jobcenter advertised the webinars over social media and through several internal channels. The webinars attracted more than 2,200 registered participants in a brief amount of time.

Jobcenter now holds weekly webinars where consultants discuss new job vacancies, provide job hunting tips, and sometimes invite local companies looking for recruits.

The Adobe Connect event management dashboard provides a central location where Jobcenter can create events, manage permissions, control participant lists, and gather data about how participants are interacting with each webinar.

“We want to continue to reach job seekers in the ways that are best for them,” says Petersen. “We expect that we will continue to use a combination of both virtual and physical events going forward, and Adobe Connect will play an integral role.”

Read more on how Adobe Connect helped Jobcenter after a pandemic hard year


You can read the original story on the Adobe Business page

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