Adobe Connect – Limitless Extensibility

Adobe Connect offers an open architecture along with a thriving ecosystem of industry partners to help extend its core capabilities.
These solution extensions include Custom Meeting Pods, Learning Management System integration, advanced authentication, login functionality, and much more.

Use different tools that would help you gather information from the participants and also easily engage them in your presentation.
You can watch YouTube videos directly from the site, without previous downloads. Organize quizzes, make ranks, ask questions and let your audience have fun answering them.

Extend your Adobe Connect room's functionality with Custom Meeting Pods. Just upload the ZIP file into an empty Share Pod.

You can find the available pods on this here


A very simple pod that adds a title and subtitle t ...

Soundboard Connect

Add a soundboard to your Adobe Connect room with b ...

Agree to Disagree

Make it easier to engage with the Agree to Disagre ...

YouTube Connect Pod

Load videos directly from YouTube into your Adobe ...

Quiz Connect

Quiz Connect is a quiz game for Adobe Connect. Pla ...

Rank It

Rank It is an ideation pod for Adobe Connect. A ho ...

Closed Captioning

Display real-time captioning, line-by-line, or wor ...

NOTE: Connect Innovation, from the other side, provides online courses for each and any kind of users of Adobe Connect, no matter if you are experienced one, or you just started to use Adobe Connect.
We can assure you that our online courses will make the usage of AC easy and simple. They will improve your knowledge and give you the opportunity to get your meeting host certificate in the easiest way possible.
Our courses are available in all Nordic languages and English language as well. Check our courses here 

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