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Adobe Connect Webinars is an all-in-one solution for digital marketing events, that helps users deliver compelling, immersive events; maximize attendance; and measure results to identify the most relevant leads and optimize campaign investments. Adobe Connect Webinars is the ideal solution for any organization committed to delivering truly impactful events to showcase products, services, and ideas.

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Adobe Connect Webinars provides tools that help users communicate their message with the greatest impact - including intuitive event layouts and controls, dynamic multimedia content and video streaming without additional downloads, social media integration, and real-time engagement monitoring tools.

Create engaging experiences
  • Dynamic multimedia and video
  • Add interactivity with smart Q&A, multiple poll types, quick status options, and more
  • Add ice breakers, timers, word clouds, and more with custom apps
Present with confidence
  • Persistent rooms mean you can setup days or weeks ahead of time and re-use content from previous sessions
  • An engagement dashboard provides insight into participation and level of interest
  • Webinar power tools such as the 'Presenter Only Area' and 'Prepare Mode' enable you to work behind the scenes with other presenters to produce great results
  • Don't worry about participants closing panels - the host controls every aspect of the experience
Easily manage registration
  • Templates for web pages and emails make it easy to setup and create consistent events
  • Customize your registration form to capture information to qualify leads
  • Quickly add email options such as invitations, reminders, and follow-ups
Fully customize events
  • Customize your room with a background image and content
  • Completely control what participants see at all times
  • Design your own web and email templates to ensure consistency
Optimize events to increase ROI
  • Gain insight into your events with robust analytics and campaign reporting
  • Measure engagement and activities to continuously improve delivery“
  • Qualify leads and download customizable reports

How to set up webinar in a second?

With Adobe Connect Webinars you can create and customize all of the elements of your events with ease. Here’s how easy it is to create your first webinar with Adobe Connect Webinars:



Navigate to the Seminars tab and click on Seminar Sessions.


Click on New Seminar Room. Here you will fill in the details of the webinar room you would like to create and then click on the Next button. Optionally, here you can select participants for your webinar room and click the Finish button.


Click Share to begin sharing with your attendees.


Now click on the Enter Seminar Room or the seminar room URL to enter your webinar room and begin setting it up and customizing.

How to keep your production team organized?

The backstage area can help with organization and communication during your webinars. ?Use it for behind-the-scenes communications, managing attendee lists, staging polling questions, or chat with other presenters privately.
To access the backstage area:

Learn more about How to set up your first meeting in second or How to set all classroom tools in one place?

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