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Adobe Connect Meeting Rooms

Adobe Connect Meeting Rooms is a solution that enables user to go beyond screen sharing and collaborate or meet far more effectively with colleagues, partners, and customers - anytime, anywhere, on virtually any device.

Adobe Connect Meeting Rooms offers collaboration across firewalls on virtually any device, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry PlayBook, as well as the desktop with no client downloads for participants. The users can drive effective collaboration directly from mobile device, with nearly all of the hosting and collaboration capabilities on the desktop tailored for mobile use, including hosting, presenting, file sharing, whiteboarding, breakout sessions, using emoticons and more.

With Adobe Connect Meeting Rooms users can create own customized, always-on URL for digital meetings and completely brand the environment, and securely store all of the files, documents, layouts and notes in a persistent manner – where they will stay exactly as user last left them at the end of the day, ready for immediate reuse at any time.

Users can record meetings, edit them, and republish to the content library for widespread on-demand access. The investments of Adobe Connect Meeting Rooms can be maximized through integration with existing infrastructure.


Support in web meeting

With our highly appreciated support, you ensure your meetings online and can get help with your work in Adobe Connect.


Discover the possibilities of combining tele­ conference with the Web Conference, a simple way to avoid problems such as poor Internet connections.

Web integration

Adobe Connect provides a Web service XML API. This open up for integration with other platforms and applications. We can also develop applications that support existing data flow like custom reports for webinar participants or students in a training program.