Adobe Connect Apps and Extensions

Extend your Adobe Connect room's functionality with Custom Meeting Pods. Just upload the ZIP file into an empty Share Pod.


A very simple pod that adds a title and subtitle to your Adobe Connect room.

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Soundboard Connect

Add a soundboard to your Adobe Connect room with built-in sounds.

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Agree to Disagree

Make it easier to engage with the Agree to Disagree pod.

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YouTube Connect

Load videos directly from YouTube into your Adobe Connect room.

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Quiz Connect

Quiz Connect is a quiz game for Adobe Connect. Players compete for high scores by answering questions as quickly and acc ...

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Rank It

Rank It is an ideation pod for Adobe Connect. A host can configure a set of options which are then ranked by everyone el ...

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Closed Captioning

Display real-time captioning, line-by-line, or word-by-word, from professional captioning services or in-meeting caption ...

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BrightCove for Adobe Connect

Connect Innovation provides a custom video pod to synchronize hosted video via the Brightcove..

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YouTube Pod for Adobe Connect

Utilizing Connect Innovation’s YouTube Pod, users can incorporate YouTube videos into...

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Kaltura for Adobe Connect

Integrating video into your virtual meetings is easier than ever before with Connect Innovation's pod - Kaltura.

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MP4 Service with Automated Subtitling

Convert Adobe Connect recordings to MP4 files using fully automated and human-less...

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Learning Management Systems

Connect Innovation’s Learning Management Systems integrations offer educators....

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