Are webinars still effective?

Are webinars still effective, and do you still need to do them?

In spite of the fact that webinars and online meetings were held in the years before the pandemic, this couple of years, the online events industry has become more and more popular. As companies started to work from home, live events were forced to be held online – and online events attendance numbers had increased.

So, do we need to include webinars in our plans for the next year?
Are webinars effective in 2022?
Do we need to include them in our future plans?

In a word: yes, but let's look at some statistics and you can decide for yourself.

The webinar market is projected to reach $800 million by 2023


85% of marketers, who use webinars as a marketing tool, say that webinars are crucial for their marketing efforts.

source: Webinar Software

Marketers say that webinars are cost-effective as they help lower the cost-per-lead

source: ON24

Around 40-50% of the webinar registrants will actually attend your webinars

source: WebinarSoftware

75% of marketers prefer to host live webinars, and immediate engagement is the main reason

source: Webinar Software

67% of marketers in 2021 were increasing their investment in webinars

source: LinkedIn

92% of professionals think a webinar is the best way to engage a large remote audience

source: GoToWebinar

In the case of B2B webinars, 73% of the total attendees turn into lead generation

source: Webinar Care

66% of the survey, respondents say sales prioritize leads from webinars, likely due to the insight and buying signals they help to surface and deliver.

source: ON24

58% of the best results for content marketing in the last 12 months was produced by virtual events/webinars/online courses

source: Content Marketing Institute

The data shows that webinars aren’t going away, so yes, webinars are still effective, and you need to include them in your plans.

additional sources: Luisa Zhou 

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