Adobe Connect 10.5 new features

Adobe Connect 10.5 features

What can make Connect Innovation users happier than news of us going deeper into improving the user experience and working to make it better every day?

After Adobe’s release of an entirely new client for participants based on HTML5, we provide a fast and modern interface. With nothing to download or install and no Flash required the users are given accessible options when attending meetings, webinars, or virtual classrooms.

Using all positive experiences from the first HTML client with the screen sharing option Adobe thought; why not take it one step further? Why not provide something different from all other web conference platforms which gives the possibility to upload content into a persistent virtual room? Those questions resulted in a fully functional participants client where they are now able to see every pod type from the desktop application, in the HTML client, including Attendees, Chat, Polls, Q&A, to mention a few.


Adobe Connect goes further and provides an even better experience with Adobe Connect 10.5 which will be fully available this summer.

The Adobe Connect 10.5 is focused on making the HTML client even more robust by adding features to complete the participant experience. It gives focus on three main things — Native Support for Document Sharing — CustomApps — Improvements to Adobe Connect Central.

You can watch the video below for more details and experience the benefits of the HTML Adobe version.