Connect Innovation Recorded webinars

Why Connect Innovation webinars?

From supporting virtual community groups in any kind of online events, public health training to large virtual conferences, Adobe Connect platform is helping the community,  schools, businesses and emergency response teams brace for the challenge in any kind of situation.

We at Connect Innovation are creating free webinars to provide our users to learn Adobe Connect the easiest way possible.
We are providing webinars on 4 languages and most often you can find webinars on Swedish, Danish, and Finnish language.

You can learn how to organize and create webinars, how to create webinars for a big number of participants, discover how to use all the new updates from Adobe Connect, how to use Adobe Captivate Prime, and much more.

You can check our recorder webinars or register for free to our upcoming webinars.

Connect Innovation, from the other side, provides online course for each and any kind of users of Adobe Connect, no matter if you are experienced one, or you just started to use Adobe Connect, we are more than sure that our online courses could bring something good and improve your knowledge for the platform.

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