Adobe Connect - OnPremise Solutions

Adobe Connect - OnPremise Solutions

What is onPremise Solution?


Adobe Connect OnPremise is a software solution that is hosted behind your firewall. It is integrated with your IT infrastructure and enables you to engage in online collaboration.

With our Support offer you get a comprehensive package designed to meet all your needs from installation to integration, development, maintenance, support and training.


The Solutions

- Adobe Connect Server
- Full Service from Connect-Innovation


- Integration to other systems
- Expansion of the options for development
- Compliant with GDPR
- Possibility for Nordic languages
- Behind own firewalls


With Full Service you will have


Time effective implementation of Adobe solutions

Maximized adoption of the solution in your organization

Enabled users to leverage the full potential of the technology

Minimized costly downtime for your teams

Supplement your in-house resources

Dedicated IT support staff