Webinar in a box

Webinar in a box
Webinar in a box

Webinar in a box is an Adobe Connect webinar package backed up by a highly professional local support for the organization of impressive online events.

Webinar in a box enables organizations to increase the attendance, boost response rates, and generate more interest for an event by providing a rich and engaging, highly interactive, and effective online environment.

With the Adobe Connect software for webinars, joining a webinar is as simple as clicking a URL. Hence, unlike competitive offerings, Adobe Connect allows invitees to easily attend your webinars without the need of additional downloads. With Adobe Connect you achieve the following:

  • Ensure participants can join your webinars instantly.
  • Enable easy webinar access from mobile devices with Adobe Connect Mobile.
  • Simplify event registration and follow-up by automating email invitations, confirmations, reminders, and post-event communications.
  • Record meetings for future viewing and enjoy all the functionalities of a live meeting in a recorded webinar as well.


In addition, the other part of this package- our support, can help you ensure the success of all your webinars.

Our professionals can reduce the time and internal resources needed to plan, coordinate, and moderate your online events.

The Connect Innovation team works with you before, during, and after your online event in order to help you with all the aspects of your webinar and help you achieve all of your goals. With this support you can get:

  • Adobe Connect experts who can help you create an event plan that is structured according to your needs.
  • Eliminate mistakes with pre-event training and rehearsals.
  • Receive professional management and support throughout your event.
  • Help ensure valuable results with post-event metrics and analytics.