Enhanced and improved features – see what’s new in Adobe Connect 11

Adobe Connect 11 brings you enhanced and improved host features for better control, providing you the best way to engage your participants. It enables you to be a stellar story-teller, even more so on a virtual stage.

You, as a host, can use all of these features and have the most successful meetings so far.

Better breakouts
Be it students working on group assignments, or conference attendees visiting virtual booths; you can now make their virtual experience feel more real by naming those breakouts. You can also time their journey and rotate participants between breakouts with just a click.

Easier layouts
Your perfectly designed stage is now easy to manage too. The new broad panel Manage Layouts view can help with its quick search, select, drag, rename, and delete capabilities. It also lets you Lock Layouts to ensure that the perfect stage stays perfect.

Smoother recordings
We know how important it is to perpetuate your live sessions by converting them to recorded interactive content for on-demand learning. Now let the new Recording Reminders help you do that better.


There are plenty of other features that now, Adobe Connect 11 gives you the opportunity to use in your everyday sessions.

Connect Innovation, on the other side, provides online course for each and any kind of users of Adobe Connect, no matter if you are experienced one, or you just started to use Adobe Connect, we are more than sure that our online courses could bring something good and improve your knowledge for the platform.

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