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Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OUAS)

Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OUAS) is a working life oriented university whose goal is to bring significant added value in renewing the business and working life in the Oulu region, Northern Finland. OUAS wants to be an active actor in utilizing the possibilities of digitalization in the learning and developing contents and delivery. OUAS has developed the LearningOnline concept in close cooperation with HAMK University of Applied Sciences, Omnia Joint Authority of Education in Espoo and the National Board of Education in Finland.

Usage of Adobe Connect solutions

LearningOnline ( provides massive open online classes and gamified teacher training organized by three major providers of continuing teacher education in Finland. The network uses Adobe Connect systems to teach online, and to record and publish teaching modules and self-study activities focusing on the educational use of ICT. Students also have the opportunity to receive individual guidance online or to work in small groups by using Adobe Connect. The utilization of web conferencing systems is one of the key themes relating to ICT in teaching. Furthermore, LearningOnline provides the participant administrative access to the system, so that one is able to use the platform as a host.

In Finland, Adobe Connect has become a reliable system that enables a high level of functionality for teaching solutions and educational purposes. Overall, the web conferencing system is easy to use and versatile. The system is also scalable within variety of pedagogical models and study-groups of various sizes.


eLukio is a network offering upper secondary school education online for adults and adolescents across 20 municipalities. It is open to all who have previously completed comprehensive school. Students can complete the full upper secondary school syllabus and matriculation examination, complete one or more subjects, complete a graduation certificate from upper secondary school or complete the matriculation examination. eLukio offers approx. 250 courses per academic year. Specialities are languages Finnish, English, Swedish, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese.

eLukio studies consist of contact classes using an online conferencing system, teamwork and different kind of exercises and independent work. Contact classes are carried out using Adobe Connect solutions. We are very pleased with our co-operation with Ilona IT and Connect.

Ellen Väinämö

Snellman Summer University

Snellman Summer University is part of the Finnish liberal adult education system. All over the year we arrange 300 life long learning courses - mainly open university, children university and vocational further education studies. There are over 4000 participants yearly studying both on-site and on-line.

As an on-line technology we have been using Adobe Connect solutions almost 10 years and its potential is expanding all the time. Purposed use is mostly focused with on-line lectures, webinars, tutoring and guidance of the adult students. We also make recordings of the lectures and arrange web meetings.

The main reason we are using Adobe Connect solutions is that it is easy to use and quality of the stream is uniform. It is important for us that adult students do not need to have certain programs or equipments by themselves when they participate on-line studies. It is equally important that we can simultaneously provide video, audio, slides and screen-images for our students.

Abode Connect is perfect web platform for us because its potential and continuous development. It helps us to collaborate and communicate with adult students despite their physical location. At the same time it is broadening adult education markets for us. That is the way we can execute the principal task of our organization ”to serve the society by offering possibilities to learn” most efficiently. 

Soili Meklin, principal

Saxo Bank A/S

 Saxo Bank A/S is a global investment bank specializing in online investments in the international capital markets.Saxo Bank has always taken pride in a thorough introduction of new and existing customers to its products and services.


Adobe Connect is the solution

Saxo Bank calls its customer training programs “webinars”. Some 80 employees have been trained to make these live presentations to customers, and the presentations are conducted in many different languages. Up to 1,000 customers per month learn about the Saxo Bank products through webinars, which are made particularly attractive.

Saxo Bank uses Adobe Presenter, PowerPoint and, naturally, the SaxoTrader trading platform to create the content for the webinars. The live transmission of the webinar takes place in Adobe Connect Professional. Saxo Bank uses a Microsoft Share Point 2007 server that is integrated with Adobe Connect. This enables Connect webinars to be activated directly from the Share Point portal.

Saxo Bank also submits invitations to webinars via email, and since Adobe Connect runs in the Flash format in the customer’s net browser, the customers simply need to click on the submitted link in order for the webinar to start. This means there is no need for installing any additional software.

The HR department of Saxo Bank has become inspired by the success of the Education department with webinars. As a result, Saxo Bank has established an Adobe Connect Professional server system within its own data center. By introducing Adobe Connect internally, all 1,300 employees in the many offices around the globe can benefit from the same efficient learning process that is used for customers.

Solveig Manthey, Global Product Manager for Education, Saxo Bank A/S.

Grundfos Management A/S

Grundfos is the world’s largest manufacturer of circulation pumps. The company has offices in 58 countries and currently employs approximately 14,000 staff, with roughly a third employed in Denmark.With its large employee base and complex products, Grundfos has its own training academy that today is being supplemented with Adobe Connect software.

eLearning is crucial for Grundfos to meet the challenges of the future and to reinforce its position as the leading company in the pump industry. Both employees and customers can be educated with the help of Adobe Connect.

Grundfos uses Adobe Presenter and Microsoft PowerPoint to create eLearning content. Because Adobe Presenter and PowerPoint are integrated, anyone who can use PowerPoint can create eLearning presentations with animations and built-in tests. An Adobe Connect presentation can also be used to create short training exercises or product presentations that conclude with a few questions that test whether the participant has understood the content.

Grundfos runs Adobe Connect on an internal server. Authorized employees have an area in which they can see which courses they should take, and also view the results of courses they have completed. It was important for Grundfos that Adobe Connect can handle user data from its internal directory server.

At Grundfos, eLearning is an important part of the company’s training strategy. Adobe Connect provides the opportunity to manage the entire eLearning flow, from production and design of learning content that includes integrated tests through to following up and monitoring activities. 

“Thanks to Adobe Connect, we can train our employees worldwide faster and more cost effectively than ever.”

Kim Hansen, Academy director,Grundfos

Adobe Connect & The Ministry of Education, Church, Culture & Gender Equality in Greenland

Greenland is a vast playground of arctic adventure for outdoorsmen. The country’s sparse population is often separated by more than a hundred miles, creating significant barriers in bringing students together at all levels. In 2006, The Ministry of Education, Church, Culture & Gender Equality and its consortium, E-forum, partnered with Zaqsolutions A/S to implement a virtual education platform serving nearly 3,000 students and teachers in everything from primary schools to vocational colleges.

To deliver more engaging lessons with increased interactivity, The Ministry of Education, Church, Culture & Gender Equality chose Adobe Connect.

Expensive broadband and satellite connections, and often unreliable radio Internet connections have resulted in citizens using smartphones as their primary device for online services. With Adobe Connect, The Ministry of Education, Church, Culture & Gender Equality can engage the largest audience possible through mobile devices, offering participants the same high-quality experience as desktop or laptop users.

“Because we can make learning available on each person’s preferred device, Adobe Connect encourages greater participation.”

In addition to offering citizens easy access to scheduled classes, The Ministry of Education, Church, Culture & Gender Equality uses Adobe Connect to hold webinars that promote future virtual learning programs.

“The opportunities for learning are endless with Adobe Connect.”

Lasse Ziska,head of secretariat at E-forum


MOOI is a part of - actively cocreating new concepts to guide and support practitioners and managers working with enterprise innovation.

MOOI is an online community of OI-professionals who want to collaborate in discussing, structuring, and qualifying best practices of “Managing and Organizing Open Innovation”.  It offers a platform to bring open innovation management one level up by examining, in a structured way, a new management challenge each month during one year. The project’s goal is to gather and structure relevant information about good/ best organizational practices in companies in the professional literature and to package these findings as a “best-practice” eBook approved by the professional community. In other words, an instrument that enables practitioners to identify the best practices in managing and organizing open innovation in medium-sized and large organizations.

MOOI organizes management lectures and gives best organizational practices to its members and organized webinars for large audience through Adobe Connect platform. On that way, MOOI delivers information and knowledge on most suitable way, on time and ensures satisfaction to all participants on these events.

With Adobe Connect platform, the community is a protected online environment where community members receive information, share and discuss insights and opinions, critically review existing approaches and publications, introduce experiences and best practices, etc.Also community gives  opportunity to members to learn from qualified opinions about particular management approaches and how to set up OI initiatives effectively; community helps  shooting members problems and management challenges, and allows discussion and input on the most pressing problems, all that through Adobe Connect platform. 

IM Channel One

IM Channel One is a part of - actively cocreating new concepts to guide and support practitioners and managers working with enterprise innovation.

IM Channel One is a premier platform for leaders in the innovation service industry to showcase best practice and demonstrate the latest cutting-edge approaches to innovation challenges.IM Channel One collaborates with Adobe Connect platform in order to deliver industry knowledge thought leaders delve in to a specific innovation management topic and share best practices as well as hands-on experiences; to allow participants to watch and learn from a panel of innovation management experts, sharing their knowledge and experiences with a strong focus on the questions from the audience and  do presentation of a new concept to help make members to be  more innovative.