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Introducing Adobe Connect 10
October 05

We couldn’t be more pleased to announce the next major release of Adobe Connect – version 10.0. Adobe Connect 10 is a significant milestone for us and includes features that we’re incredibly excited to bring to our customers including an entirely new HTML client, scalable HD video, out of the box single sign on (SSO), UI Improvements, and much more.

The Future is Nearly Here
June 26

The Future is Nearly Here

Seamless Learning Aided by Technology
March 21

Seamless Learning Aided by Technology

Powerful New Application Features and Further HTML5 Adoption- New In Adobe Connect 9.7.5
February 16

Adobe Connect 9.7.5, coming in Early March, brings with it a set of exciting improvements to both the Adobe Connect application and Adobe Connect Central. In this release we focused our efforts on further transitioning towards HTML5 within the administrator console and improving the login process, audio output selection, the installer, and much more.

Adobe Connect Partners of the Year Awarded for 2017
January 31

Connect Innovation - Adobe Connect International Partner of the year 2017 

The Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement uses Adobe Connect to Deliver Engaging Virtual Bi-lingual Events
January 02

While other solutions could only support concurrent events in French or English, with Adobe Connect CFHI can seamlessly deliver bilingual events using breakout rooms where participants can view primary content in their preferred language. The approach keeps audiences integrated and benefits them by sharing in one common digital experience.

The New Adobe Connect Central Homepage and Adobe Connect Application
October 03

With Adobe Connect 9.7 shipping later this month, I wanted to provide a short walkthrough of the two biggest features in the release.

Adobe Connect On Web Conferencing, Open Standards, and the End of the Flash Player
July 25

Today we announced, with the support of many of our technology partners including Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla, that Adobe plans to end-of-life the Flash Player by the end of 2020. The significant progress that has been made on the open web in terms of standards, capabilities, and maturity makes us feel confident that they will ultimately provide a viable alternative for Flash content in the browser moving forward.

Improved Meeting Entry and Increased Adoption of Web Standards- New in Adobe Connect 9.7
July 17

Adobe Connect has been at the forefront of enabling impactful web collaboration for over fourteen years. Helping geographically dispersed teams, knowledge workers and educators spread information, gain new skills and complete complex tasks are core to what drives us to advance the product.

Take the Guesswork out of Understanding Meeting Attendee’s Attentiveness- New in Adobe Connect 9.6
April 27

Have you ever wondered whether your content and presentation style are truly resonating with your audience during a virtual meeting, or is everyone just off writing emails and texting friends to make weekend plans? Our latest release, Adobe Connect 9.6, lets you take the guesswork out of these questions.