Get more engagement in your virtual event

Engagement in virtual events

Today’s virtual events like webinars, conferences, or regular meetings are part of our everyday life. That is why is very important to keep the attention of our attendees. They don’t like to sit and listen to some boring presentations. Getting them engaged in the presentation has crucial meaning. Recent surveys have found that audience engagement is one most important factors to having a successful event. Keeping the participants focused and interested is the only solution to keep them from zooming out in the middle of the presentation.

So what should you do to keep them engaged?

Make sure you have quality content

Quality content is one of the first things that would help you gain that engagement that we all desire. Good quality content holds the participants' attention. Give them some information before the event, so you could capture their attention. During the event make a break with short Q&A sessions, add a video or just make a joke. Keep them relaxed and interested.

Create a quality presentation

Put time into making the presentation. Use your creativity and make some interesting meeting room layout, add sound effects, videos, or some interesting graphics. In the meantime be sure that all of your content is of high quality. All this will help you get your participant's attention.

Make a poll

There are a few things that can spice up an online event and polls are one of them. It’s easy and effective. The only thing you need is a platform for virtual meetings that have the option of a poll. This is a great way to get the participants involved and also to get some relevant information.

Encourage questions

As we already mentions Q&A sessions are a great tool to keep the participant involved and make the presentation less boring. You can maybe have some guests and give the participant a chance to ask them something. Q&A is a great way to connect with the audience and can provide a chance for future networking.

Use regular short breaks

Keep your presentations short or make regular breaks. According to recent information, 20 minutes sessions or presentations are perfect. That is the optimal time for someone to keep their attention without wandering off.

Use their names

Use your participants’ names when you ask questions or when you are in a conversation. Doing this in a conversation makes the participants feel more included and it will stop them from drifting off

Stimulate conversations between the participants

One of the goals of virtual meetings is networking. Use this opportunity to create chances for networking for yourself and your participants. Use a virtual event platform that has an option for breakout rooms, where you or some participants can use it for deeper conversation. This way your attendees will be more willing to participate in the event. 


People like puzzles and rewards. This marketing strategy has shown excellent results. Use this opportunity and create different ways your participants can earn points and awards, answer questions, etc. Find an online event platform that has the tools to help you get this. From a business perspective, this could give you the opportunity to include more brands or sponsors in your presentation. 

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