How To Choose the right virtual solution?

We, as Connect Innovation, are totally aware of how life-changing this past year was and how many of you were forced to move your business online providing the best online solution for your employees, coworkers, students, etc.

To make that experience even easier for you, we prepared a few key points that are crucial to be followed when choosing an online solution.

First, you have to know what type of platform you need. What will be your purpose for using it, do you need a platform for online meetings or learning?
Let's see the difference now:

Platforms for online meetings are designed for business colleagues that may be globally dispersed to gather in a virtual environment and communicate with each other. They provide opportunities for workers to collaborate, brainstorm, and create action items. Most offer basic videoconferencing, the ability to screen share slides or documents, and some social interaction components such as chat.

Platforms for online training are designed specifically with learning in mind. In addition to all the standard meeting platform features mentioned above, the best ones offer features that encourage interactivity and provide options for assessment. Training platforms often include shared whiteboards, small group breakout rooms, polling, and other interactive options that can help facilitators drive deep learning. Timely analytics and metrics allow enterprise leaders to evaluate the success of their training endeavors.

The most important thing for companies is to understand and recognize the role, the purpose of the online solution they need. That way matching with all capabilities that online solution provides will be far easier. Also, companies need to be aware that if usage is different, they have to be prepared to invest in different platforms for meetings and training. Only that way, they will maximize the business value of each medium to its fullest.

To make this question of How to choose the right virtual solution easy as possible, we've prepared a few crucial things that you have to keep in mind when starting to search for the right platform:

Know your priorities - Do you want to hold online meetings or run interactive training?

Know your participants - How interactive your sessions will be, do you need whiteboards, Breakouts rooms, or layouts?

Know your role -  How customizable your platform needs to be

Know your tech infrastructure -  Do you need your platform to be compatible with your existing LMS, and social media platforms, how tech-savvy are the facilitators and participants? What kind of equipment will they use to access the session? Do they have the proper training and support to leverage the technology?

Know how important is to engage participants - what type of your sessions are going to be, more presentation-oriented, or more interactive which will encourage participants to chat, work in small groups, or annotate parts of presentations they find compelling?
Features such as audio, video, chat, file sharing, live-to-share, and breakout rooms will help you build audience engagement.
The best platforms must allow interacting and allow participants to share in the virtual experience, instead of just sitting back and remaining muted.

Know your organizational needs for an online solution -
Do you need to have small group interactions, including practices, role plays, and group brainstorming? Then choose a platform that has breakout rooms. Do your remote learners regularly use tablets? Then choose a platform that has a mobile app. Do you have many facilitators who teach the same topics and need consistency? Then choose a platform that has reusable templates.

Remember that all participants need to be able to log in and get to work without requiring a troubleshooting team. The frustration at the onset is the first thing you want to avoid, so choose a virtual solution that is intuitive for both hosts and participants.

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