How Useful Are Webinars For Small Businesses?

How Useful Are Webinars For Small Businesses?

Imagine that you can go live on video and educate your audience. Interact with them, educate them, and answer any doubts they may have regarding your business.

That is one of the reasons we think webinars for small businesses are a great idea.

Why should small businesses use webinars?

As a business owner, how often have you thought that you can play the role of educator to your clients?
Surprisingly, today’s businesses focus more on personalizing marketing efforts than just going the normal route.

Webinars are a different and more modern way than the traditional way of doing video marketing.
Webinar means a modern take on traditional business seminars, live presentations, pre-recorded presentations, and videos for audiences who want to learn something new.

Yes, Youtube is a great video marketing tool, but webinars are easier to digest. They give a view of personalization and furthermore, anyone who missed the life can view the saved version too.

Videos, of course,  take effort and time, but all you need with Webinars is good content, an expert on the subject, and good internet.
Your audience will know you care enough to talk about something to them, to educate and share something with them, LIVE.

Here, you can check our webinars and find some ideas on how to organize and optimize them well.

How do you do webinars for small businesses?

There are many ways webinars can help small businesses. Starting from blogging and video marketing to case studies and social media, to finding the perfect platform for casting your videos to your audience.

Pick a topic that resonates with your audience: If you are in the business of making recycled shoes, talk about environmental consciousness. If you are in the legal field, talk about corporate law for enterprises that are starting out. Make sure that your topics stay relevant and useful for your audience base.

The time it right: Studies show that the perfect time to do a webinar is between 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. However, it is also important not to drag out your webinar for more than an hour. The ideal duration of a webinar is around 55 minutes. Stick to the topic, do not drag it out and lose viewers.

Talk with your audience, not at them: The main difference with Webinars is you talk with your audience, chat, or have a conversation. Reduce the monologues and show you really care to hear them. You can optimize webinars by showing a video recording of the main part of the webinar and later focusing on answering the Q&A session at the end of the webinar.

Challenges for small businesses to do webinars:

As a small business doing webinars, one of the most important things you need to have is a strong online presence. The primary challenges small businesses face with webinars are that it requires a complex orchestration of live performance, webinar technology, and managing your participants.

With traditional webinars, the biggest challenge comes with handling technical difficulties. Webinars can be hectic to carry out, so stick to doing one a month.

Although these challenges exist, webinars are still proven to be an effective way to do good video marketing. It not only generates conversions but also educates people about your brand.




Source: InstaMojo

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