Multi-layered Security for Virtual meetings, Trainings and Classrooms

The way we live, work, and collaborate has changed in this new world. We are spending much more time online sharing personal & enterprise confidential information in a virtual session. It has never been more important to know and ensure that your current collaboration solution is secure enough.

Several schools and universities are using Adobe Connect to enable students to stay remote in larger than ever numbers and keep curriculum on track by moving their instructor led classes to Adobe Connect virtual classrooms for this semester.

 Businesses looking for shorter-term licenses (less than 1yr) but with larger capacity OR exiting customers looking to meet their rapidly expanding usage to enable a much larger number of remote workers can contact us and we will be happy to lend support with the most optimized plan for their use case. 

Adobe Connect has been the solution of choice, for more than 15 years, for some of the most highly regulated industries such as government, financial services & healthcare, running mission-critical operations online.


Here is why


The robust Adobe Secure Product Lifecycle (SPCL) process helps ensure that our developers build strong security in, that can evolve to protect against changing threats.

Every client server connection runs as a secured https stream with industry standard encryption using TLS. Sensitive information is further protected using industry-standard AES-256 encryption.

Adobe Connect meeting Hosts are empowered with strong, role-based controls help safer, more secure experiences for all co-presenters and participant.

Adobe Connect customers can choose between a hosted deployment, private cloud deployment as a managed service or an on-premise deployment behind their firewall.

Let us describe what we mean by layered security for defense in depth –

1. Secure Code Design

Through the Adobe Secure Product Lifecycle (SPLC) we start with a set of development guidelines that our programmers use when writing our code keeping security as a high priority.

2. Secured Connection

Next, our servers, and how we communicate over the internet, use industry-standard encryption practices – communicating over HTTPS employing Transport Layer Security (TLS) cipher suite to help secure your data in transit using AES-256. We add additional encryption for the most critical data, using SHA-256 hashing for passwords.

3. Least privilege principle as a default

Administrators can enforce appropriate restrictions for all users. Using our years of product design experience aligned to the toughest customer use cases in most regulated industries, we have created user interfaces and configuration settings that follow a ‘Least Privilege Principle’. This essentially means that as a default meeting host has the greatest control and others join with the least privilege. Meeting hosts control not only who can enter a meeting but also the assignment of role-based privileges to co-presenters and participants.

Each organization has its own set of unique requirements – we offer the flexibility to tailor each account to match those needs. Account Administrators can choose secure two-factor authentication and Single Sign-On (SSO) for IT-controlled logins. Applications can be whitelisted for approved application sharing or blacklisted to be always hidden. Meetings can be permanently blocked against ‘guest’ access so that only employees and pre-registered users attend. Read Frank Derienzo’s post for an in-depth overview of these extensive configuration options designed for a security-first approach.

4. Deployment flexibility with Managed Services

Our customers can choose from a variety of deployment options ranging from a hosted service on Adobe managed infrastructure leveraging industry best practices for secure design. Or a private cloud deployment by certified cloud infrastructure providers to operate and manage their services. Or even an on-premise deployment behind an organization’s own firewall.

Perhaps, one of the reasons for being the trusted solution of choice for the most ‘locked down’ regulated environments is the gamut of validations from industry compliance and regulatory bodies. Depending on deployment model, Connect meets various regulated industry security standards and has received a number of certifications attesting to its security as suited to the needs of specific industries such as financial institutions by being GLBA-ready, US federal government with FedRAMP certification, healthcare and non-profit organizations by being HIPAA-ready, and universities and K12 institutions, by being FERPA-ready for protection of US student’s education records and personal information.

We are all already working hard enough to adapt to this new world, we shouldn’t have to worry about the security of our meeting solution too, particularly when Adobe has spent years building it.

If you aren’t already using Adobe Connect you can Request for a Demo and we’d be happy to assist.



Source: Adobe Connect Blog

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