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The Best Audio & Video With New Adobe Connect - Based On WebRTC Technology

The best solution for a webinars

Adobe Connect Webinars provides tools that help users communicate their message with the greatest impact - including intuitive event layouts and controls, dynamic multimedia content and video streaming without additional downloads, social media integration, and real-time engagement monitoring tools.

Create engaging experiences
  • Dynamic multimedia and video
  • Add interactivity with smart Q&A, multiple poll types, quick status options, and more
  • Add ice breakers, timers, word clouds, and more with custom apps
Present with confidence
  • Persistent rooms mean you can setup days or weeks ahead of time and re-use content from previous sessions
  • An engagement dashboard provides insight into participation and level of interest
  • Webinar power tools such as the 'Presenter Only Area' and 'Prepare Mode' enable you to work behind the scenes with other presenters to produce great results
  • Don't worry about participants closing panels - the host controls every aspect of the experience
Easily manage registration
  • Templates for web pages and emails make it easy to setup and create consistent events
  • Customize your registration form to capture information to qualify leads
  • Quickly add email options such as invitations, reminders, and follow-ups
Fully customize events
  • Customize your room with a background image and content
  • Completely control what participants see at all times
  • Design your own web and email templates to ensure consistency
Optimize events to increase ROI
  • Gain insight into your events with robust analytics and campaign reporting
  • Measure engagement and activities to continuously improve delivery“
  • Qualify leads and download customizable reports

Additionally, the room functionalities can be extended with Adobe Connect Custom Pods.

The Best Audio & Video With New Adobe Connect - Based On WebRTC Technology

Adobe Connect is now available with the Enhanced A/V Experience BETA feature, as a preview for select customers. When turned ON, your virtual sessions on Adobe Connect will get an instant upgrade powered by our brand new, cloud-native, media service architecture and with that, you will have:

Superior Audio: clear, high-quality audio with automatic noise cancellation and echo reduction.
Enhanced Video: high-definition video feeds with great clarity and resolution (up to 1080p).
Browser Advantage: seamless virtual sessions from any modern browser or Chromebooks including screen-share support.
Instant MP4 recordings: Access session recordings in MP4 format to download, view, and share on my device, instantly.

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What our costumers think of the new Adobe Connect WebRTC technology

  • “Adobe Connect is our platform of choice for the online vocational education we offer to thousands of students. The new Enhanced A/V Experience in Adobe Connect delivers overall improved live video quality, especially in terms of resolution and synchronization, that is better than we’ve ever seen. Also, the Adobe Connect browser client is now WebRTC-based, providing parity between application and browser features for a user experience that’s equally high-quality, scalable, and stable. This gives our students and educators easy access to Adobe Connect and an optimized experience whether on the app or a browser.”

    Oliver Meinved, IT Support Specialist, EUC Online EUC Online is part of Nordvestsjællands Erhvervs- og Gymnasieuddannelser, one of Denmark's largest business schools with more than 5,000 students.
  • “The latest browser version of Adobe Connect is a gamechanger. Being able to confidently host a virtual meeting that requires only a browser is very important to us, as it eliminates any customer issues with installing an app. We also enjoy the stability that comes with pre-loading content to Adobe Connect for extremely smooth online presentations. Also, the new Enhanced A/V Experience in Adobe Connect is very good and stands up to any competitive solutions.”

    Espen Agøy Hegge, Managing Director, produktivNorge AS produktivNorge AS is a Certified Franchisee of David Allen Company in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland, offering online and in-person courses, webinars, and coaching in Getting Things Done® for better productivity for organizations and individuals.

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