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Adobe Connect 9.7 delivered the first part of the strategy – giving customers a new standalone application they could use without the need for Flash Player running in their browser. The Adobe Connect team improved that application in Adobe Connect 9.8 and have been continuing to remove Flash objects from web interface, Adobe Connect Central, over the past 12 months.

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Free pod from Connect Innovation for all Adobe Connect users. 

The Classic Tic Tac Toe, just the way you remember it, Red vs Blue, Who will get 3 connected?

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New product from Connect-Innovation >Tailormade Reports


Tailormade Reports is a tool created to be an extension of the report function in Adobe Connect, that let you view, print and manage your meeting, training and events statistics.

Connect Innovation branded the website in the Christmas spirit with best wishes for their customers :) 

Also, create special offers, solutions and webinars for this period full of holidays. 

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Connect Innovation won the award Adobe Connect International Partner of the year 2017. 

Congratulations to all Connect Innovation team for their efforts to reach this appreciated award and be the best among all Adobe Connect Partners. 

Also, thanks to all Connect Innovation customers for their trust in our solutions and services.  




Connect Innovation offers integration of Moodle with Adobe Connect, the best web conferencing solution.

-Through this integration, users can create meetings in the simplest way, quick and easy. 

-Users can automatically log in and enter the meetings.

-Users can assign roles

Connect Innovation created special Adobe Connect solutions regarding the business needs of the companies and organizations.  


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We are happy to announce you the FREE MP3 and Timer Pod for all of our Connect Innovation customers.

Learn more about the features of this pod in Adobe Connect room and download the English or local Nordic versions of this pod.

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