eSociety: the future to come!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Solutions based on Information and communication technologies (ICTs)

Our solutions based on Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)  have a significant impact on the lives of people - bringing them closer together, making differences less important and amplifying economic activity and growth.

Also Connect Innovation solutions can have powerful impact and give support to all society, society that consist one or more e-communities involved in a areas from e-Government, e-Democracy, and e-Business to e-Learning and e-Health.

Connect Innovation solutions are designed to create a context for action and address to people needs in a different working and living areas.

Our solutions offer innovative way of working and ensure convenient options for each institution, profession and person in order to interact each other face to face online and create new values, as well improving communication access and experience in all working systems.

eSociety solutions offer:

  • New tools and innovative ways for collaboration;
  • New communication tools;
  • Benefits for citizens and also for companies/institutions;


Innovative approach in all areas of living and working!

Our solutions allow citizens to access public services through different devices at times and in ways that suit them.

According to our solution people and companies can buy, sell and discuss about products and services online regardless where they are placed.

Companies can get in touch with their customers online and give them support through our online solutions.

Teachers can educate their students online and can organize different kind of events and trainings with their colleagues.

Banks and other finance institutions can offer to their clients online services and common collaboration.

Patients can get support and health care from care professionals online at anytime.