Newspaper article: 'Saxo Bank offers tips and tricks for the real time webinars'

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

"Keep it simple", says the mantra. "Yes, thank you, but could it also apply to my computer apps?"

Have you got ten minutes of audience with a portfolio manager at its investment bank, you want to hear all the tips and tricks without a filter and not spend time on Skype dropping out or that you have to grapple with installing a video setup for a video conference.
Therefore, the so-called webinars now settled in real time - without the customer having to download or install software. And perhaps most importantly, help is always near. One gets for a live Danish-speaking, real human on the phone as soon as something teases. "As a participant you will receive just a link, and then you come automatically into the video meeting without having to install or set something up".

Saxo Bank has, for example decorated their virtual meeting room to handle even the most computer-challenged, so everyone can join in when the bank's experts will share pearls of wisdom on the investment market, which often must act quickly - in a sea full of unforeseen hazards such as Brexit, terrorist attacks and major political winds.

Focus on investment - not technique

Saxo Bank has a stated objective to democratize investment discipline. And with the goal following a responsibility to communicate with both high and low and hit both old and potential customers, often widely different, not only to invest, but also in terms of technical flair. Simon Kjaer, who is responsible for customers, regarding the bank's digital platforms explains:
"There is an incredible gap between customers that we provide direct access to the knowledge of our experts, and there is Adobe Connect an absolutely essential tool for us to reach our customers in a good way," says Simon Kjær.
As a participant you will receive just a link, and when you click on it to get automatically into the video meeting without having to install or set something up. But why not just make a video or an article that people can read? "Webinar unique format and user interface allows you as an investor to interact with our experts and get unresolved issues elaborated in real time. Having a video or an article is not the same. You have a direct line to our experts and have their full attention, "says Simon Kjær.

Market Reactions via webinar

"We can show to the potential clients what we can via Adobe Connect, or an existing customer who will explore new investment products and have a good introduction to the new field. There we can with the webinar share our knowledge with you, because we can visually get an employee who sits with the product every day, to explain the nuances, "he says.
The webinar is best described as a virtual conference room, which the lecturer arranges with its selected materials and components to be used in the session. No matter how many participants who log on, the virtual conference always like itself. This allows the moderator to move familiar around various communications functions and the content he or she will present. Simon Kjær adds that the webinar is the ideal solution to share information when working in a landscape of Brexit, Italian parliamentary elections and Trumps deployment earlier this month. Here it is useful to be able to share exact knowledge of many in a way where you can ask questions to a moderator who screens and selects questions that will be passed to the presenter.

The video starts playing as you open it in a new window

The limit in most standard video solutions lies in the installation. In a larger company, where every new employee gets a ready-equipped laptop in the hands, then it is easy to manage video and security solutions on the PC. Each customer can use the video, regardless of different set-ups and different parts of the world. "It's so nice that there is one at the other end, which can quickly help if something glitches". The video program meets the recipient's PC requirements.

"Overall, there will always be a need to communicate between you and customers around the world. We use the webinar for knowledge exchange. Adobe Connect is highly intuitive, there are low barriers of entry, and it is easy to use. The best camera is always the one you have on you, as the mantra says. Adobe Connect just plays, and everyone can work it out so that settlement is always professional. " - says Simon Kjær. But it is not just large companies that webinar software adds value. In more mundane industries, this tool will be a trump card in its dealings with customers.

Not just for banks

An example is the chain Dr. Baddaki, dealing in products for veterinary i.e. Creams and shampoos for dogs and cats throughout Scandinavia. Martine Voigt is a former vet and now branch manager and country manager for Denmark. The webinar is her favorite and most effective way to inform and serve the customers throughout Scandinavia.
"To be able to hold a course or a presentation on the web in real time means that we can hit all at the same time - and hire experts in from all over the world. It is important that we can convey our great knowledge into products. And that people can ask questions hustler chat feature. We can thus provide some additional insight and knowledge to people in a very easy way. And veterinarians can sit at home and participate and also they save a lot of time, which they of course can use to work instead, "says Martine Voigt.
"We admit our seminars and put them up so people can watch them on demand. I am certainly no IT shark but I was on a half-day course organized by Zaqsolutions and once you've used it, then you are running. And there is always quick help available. It is so nice that there is one at the other end, which can quickly help if it would burn on, "says Martine Voigt from Dr. Baddaki.

Adobe Connect

Offering online meeting experience for collaboration, virtual classrooms and webinars. With the highest score in the Web Conferencing report by Gartner in 2016 marks the Adobe Connect itself as the leader in webinars. Connect Innovation with Adobe Connect is declared as a Partner of the Year- it’s recognized for supporting its customers, with local and competent support and development.

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