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On-Premise Solution

Deploy Adobe Connect behind your firewall and integrate it with your existing IT infrastructure! On-Premise Solution gives you complete control over how you set up and manage your environment. Furthermore, it gives you

  • Control over usage and maintenance costs
  • Ability to customize and extend the capabilities of your Adobe Connect software solution
  • Choice of the network topology that meets your organization's reliability, scalability and accessibility requirements
  • Local integration with ERP, CRM, LMS systems and Single Sign On
  • Control and plan upgrades to fit organization needs
  • Choose your own hosting facility
  • Size up and down as per your needs (TERM based license model)
  • FULL Data Control

Is the GDPR important for you?

  • Following the strict  EU guidelines for protecting, managing, and purging personal data for EU citizens, On-Premise provides the best possible solution for you
  • The software resides within your organization, meaning you will get the highest level of security
  • Using On-Premise you are storing your DATA locally
  • No third-party access to your data
  • Full Control of personal data

Together with the Operating Partner we set up and maintain the On-Premise Adobe Connect on your own servers anywhere in the world


  • Adobe Connect On-Premise + Your local datacenter
  • Adobe Connect On-Premise + GleSYS Sweden & Finland
  • Adobe Connect On-Premise + Amazon datacenter

Our experts recommending On-Premise Solution

The best secure digital environments for digital training, workshops, and webinars.

Mr. Stefan Bedin Co-founder, Head of Scoolia eSP, Scoolia Group

You can run your own Adobe Connect servers - if you want full control. On-premise or Cloud - it's your decision.

Mr. John K. Olesen Partner, Owner, Zaqsolutions A/S

Powerful solution for you

A licensed solution is available to deploy Adobe Connect Server in your own corporate network. The Adobe
Connect Server on-premise model provides the following advantages:

  • Long-term cost savings based on software ownership
  • Deployment behind a firewall
  • Internal hardware and IT personnel for delivery and management
  • Integration with existing enterprise infrastructure (LDAP, SSO, and so on)
  • Custom configuration settings (such as bandwidth limits)

Clean & modern layout

Easy to customize

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