BrightCove for Adobe Connect

BrightCove for Adobe Connect

  • Access 1000+ videos
  • Branded player
  • RMTP echnology
  • Live feed

Connect Innovation provides a custom video pod to synchronize hosted video via the Brightcove video cloud. Meeting Hosts can quickly and seamlessly add videos from their Brightcove account directly into their meeting rooms via the Share pod. This eliminates uploading heavy fi les. The quality is superior and the time to execute playback is instant. All videos are available and synchronized inside the recordings.


  • Access thousands of videos from your account in 1-click

  • Have your player branded to your company

  • Set up a “Quick List” to play multiple videos for specifi c events

  • Participants can control their own level of quality to optimize bandwidth

  • Volume controls for all participants

  • Video quality is streamed based on quality settings

  • Set up live feed with optimized video using Bright-cove’s superior quality

  • Pod uses RMTP technology for superior quality

  • Quality settings to ensure you adhere to bandwidth requirements

  • Recording during live event is synchronized with playback control bar