Kaltura for Adobe Connect

Kaltura for Adobe Connect


Integrating video into your virtual meetings is easier than ever before with Connect Innovation's pod - Kaltura. Kaltura video pod is a leader in video content management. The Kaltura pod allows users to incorporate videos into real-time virtual meetings, allowing users to display and share playlists of videos, share a viewing experience remotely, increase collaboration, and synchronize video annotations. This all leads to an improved form of knowledge sharing. Create an enhanced user experience, generating instant engagement and accelerating the transfer of information.

  • ENHANCED SEARCH - Find online content with both precision and speed. Quickly search through and select videos to play from your library,filtering results as they come. Find the videos you want more easily!

  • PLAYLIST CONSTRUCTION - Use and build your own playlists to minimize disengaging pauses, resulting in a more seamless meeting experience. You can use pre-constructed playlists or build your own on-the-fly, searching through your Kaltura video library.

  • TABLETS - Your live meeting can be accessed anywhere, anytime, and on any connected device! Whether you’re using a computer, phone, or tablet, meeting participants conveniently dialing in from anywhere can conference in in real-time.

  • WHITEBOARD - Use the video as a canvas using Adobe Connect’s Draw functionality! Zoom in on and mark up frames to go more in depth, point people toward nuances, and guide them to key information. When done, save the image for later use!

  • ON-DEMAND VIDEO - Incorporate Kaltura video content in real time to engage your audience like never before! Instantly stream, pause, rewind and fast-forward as needed, giving you full control of your richer and more interactive virtual meeting.