Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems


Connect Innovation’s Learning Management Systems integrations offer educators the solutions to simplify their workflows while enhancing the learning experience. Adobe Connect allows for a more engaging meeting space for students and instructors while feeding data back into your LMS and taking care of the details for you. The Connect Innovation LMS for Adobe Connect is easy to integrate and can be used on an individual course and LMS-wide level. Universities, businesses, and organizations holding live virtual meetings benefit from:

  • SINGLE SIGN ON - Save yourself from time and frustration coordinating platforms! Sign-on once in Adobe Connect and your LMS, allowing you to schedule and hold classes, study groups, and office hours with ease.

  • CLASS ROSTER SYNCHRONIZATION - Enjoy an automatic synchronization and logging of student and assistant presence, eliminating the need to manually track meeting participants. Gain the freedom to focus on what matters most!

  • ROLES AND PERMISSIONS - Users are automatically mapped to roles such as teacher and student. For more specialized needs, create custom roles with a fine-tuned set of permissions and functions.

  • INSTANT & SECURE ACCESS TO RECORDINGS - Access your files and documents from a single place! Course meetings, recordings, and files are available for student and teachers

  • TABLET SUPPORT - Gain the freedom to administer virtual classrooms, study groups, andoffice hours from almost anywhere. Deliver quizzes and surveys on your tablet and even utilize add-ons and pods such as EduGame Cloud

  • EASILY REUSE MEETING ROOMS - Adobe Connect meeting rooms can be utilized over and over and even across platforms, ensuring persistence and consistency and an easy set up process.

  • BRANDED REPORTING - Download and save individual meeting reports by session and user, allowing you to further analyze data, compare them against other assignments and years, and back them up for safekeeping.

  • REAL-TIME QUIZZES AND SURVEYS - Scores and responses gathered from Adobe Connect Meetings are automatically recorded into your LMS, offering a more convenient and error-free way of round trip management of your gradebook.