Tailormade Reports

Tailormade Reports
Tailormade Reports
Define you own reports from Connect with Tailormade Reports

Define you own reports from Adobe Connect with Tailormade Reports

Tailormade Reports is a tool created to be an extension of the report function in Adobe Connect, that let you view, print and manage your meeting's, training's and event's statistics.

Imagine you can get any report from Adobe Connect with just one click and deliver it directly to your desktop in Excel format.

With Tailormade Reports you also get GDPR Report

The purpose of the report is to collect all users in the Adobe Connect database, so the GDPR manager creates an overview of personal data that are registered.

The GDPR-Tool is assigned to one url and collect the following information for all participants: host and guest.
First name.
Last name.
Additional information stored under the “User Information” tap, can also be collected to provide further information.

How to use:

The user of the tool should select the GDPR button and all the information will be displayed and executed as soon as possible.
After all data is collected, the Microsoft excel file will be downloaded.