Adobe Connect enables financial institutions to deliver intuitive and personalized customer experiences that can enhance acquisition, increase loyalty, reduce costs, and promote market differentiation across multiple customer touch points.

Through Adobe Connect, customers of the financial institutions can get easy, safe and simple personal advice at home, as well as great information in a department and they only need to have a computer or a phone at their disposal.  

Adobe Connect saves a lot of time and money in facilitating training. Financial institutions can create rich, interactive, and dynamic content for their customers without having to be software experts. They are able to continuously adapt the content to the changing demands of their customers and employees and ensure they have all of the information they need, when they need it.


Financial institutions can
  • Increase the frequency and quality of customer meetings and training for both employees and customers;

  • Streamline content development for faster and more efficient delivery;

  • Improving employee productivity while increasing the number of customer interactions;

  • Deliver live and on-demand customer sessions that are accessible on virtually any computer;

  • Employ creative assets for a more interactive meeting and learning experience;

  • Enable reliable, easy access lively, dynamic online meetings and webinars for hundreds of participants;


Main benefits
  • Financial institutions can arrange web meetings with their customers and give them advice on complex issues such as housing economics, pensions and investments. Additionally, they can use this kind of meeting to offer own products and services to the customers.  

  • Gives the possibility to customers of a financial institution to arrange web-meeting with professional staff.

  • Financial institutions can share with their customer’s illustrations and calculations on screen in order to guide them logically and simply through complex issues.

  • Financial institutions gain support through our solutions for doing online contracts with their customers and allowing them to sign them electronically.  


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