Adobe Connect offers digital Health solutions and Welfare technologies/Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) for care professions, caregivers, care units, eHealth communities, regions and patients.

Adobe Connect is based on information and communication technology (ICT),  which enables people to live independently with clinical support through e-services in their home, workplace, schools etc. ICT can improve prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and the management of all health and care processes.



Adobe Connect for eHealth is designed to create the context for action and help address customer/patient needs in a person/patient-centric, knowledge based and health oriented way to ensure better quality of life, more independent living and continuity of care over patients during the whole care process at all care units and care levels.

Therefore, Adobe Connect always addresses both the e-solution that can facilitate the interaction, meeting face to face between e-Patients and e-Professions (doctors, nurses, physiotherapist, psychologist, counsellor, educators, caregivers etc.) and models of care, processes/workflows/care pathways and professional competence and execution.

eHealth will not succeed unless patients have access to it and find value in it.

Consequently, we build Adobe Connect for eHealth that create new value for all, patients, professions and caregivers/societies that are sympathetic to and supportive of both patients and health professions needs and aspirations – value for all in.  


Welfare technologies / AAL

Welfare technologies/AAL provide technological support and enhance safety, security, daily activities and mobility.

Welfare technologies/AAL are usually person/patient centered ICT solutions and are aimed to help and assist patients and all citizens in their daily lives. Welfare technologies/AAL are especially oriented towards the elderly, citizens with handicap of different kinds and degrees and persons with different chronic conditions.


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