With Adobe Connect, marketing and sales departments can increase leads, boost response rates and close deals faster through high-impact meetings, presentations and webinars. This means that companies can increase attendance and participation in different events and activities that they organize.

This can be done through the elimination of technical barriers with having instant access to desired places.

Marketing managers can organize web meeting or presentations and communicate with high level messages and videos, share high-impact multimedia content - including streaming audio, video and software simulations in order to make it both compelling and persuasive.  

Also, they can record web seminars and make webinars or presentations available to people who cannot attend. Through Adobe Connect, marketing managers can answer customer questions in real time and can increase the responses from their email messages.

Regarding this kind of working, marketing and sales departments can satisfy their existing base and attract new customers, can increase the sale, raise awareness of company products or services, and make the company more competitive on market and reach the already defined goals.


Main benefits
  • Hold presentations where marketing managers can increase interactivity and participation of customers;

  • Make presentation recordings available on a website and do promotion;

  • Get more leads in a short period at a lower cost;

  • Increase the success of marketing campaigns by driving prospects to engaging audience;

  • Increase corporate branding;



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