Adobe Connect can be used in many different sectors. From usage in government, ministries, municipalities, public sector, nonprofit institutions, to usage in schools, hospitals, companies, commercial institutions, cultural and environmental associations and other communities.  

Adobe Connect ensures an innovative and modern e-society based on knowledge that is crucial for the working and living nowadays. An e-society is society in which the process of making, distributing and handling of information represents a significant economic and cultural activity. Adobe Connect contributes towards the growth and progress in e-society and its parts.

With Adobe Connect, we can provide virtual environments where people can collaborate in real time regardless where they are, allowing people to work together and bring proper decisions,  transfer their knowledge, solve problems, give ideas, perform training, create strategies for working etc.

We provide the opportunity for web meetings, e-learning, online trainings, webinars, presentations, sharing information and documents through rich media capabilities, such as video, teleconferencing, whiteboarding and delivering an engaging, affordable solution for productive collaboration. This way, we are offering advanced accessibility features to promote positive and effective experiences for all users.


Main benefits
  • Secure  communication and compliance

Adobe Connect boasts full compliance with regulations and policies of particular country and internal institution rules.  Also, there are adjustable security and privacy controls, administrative support, organization communication and other accessibilities in an institution.

  • Maximization of investments through integration with existing infrastructure

Adobe Connect can integrate readily with existing systems, from learning management system to communication infrastructure and ensuring unified communications across existing investments. Thus, new capabilities that address specific use cases can be created at any time.

  • Creation of communities to foster knowledge exchange

Adobe Connect enables knowledge to flourish across different places with user generated content sharing workflows and interactivity around content, including rating, tagging and discussing.

  • Optimize scalability, performance, and usage

Enterprises, government agencies, universities and other enterprises can work with hundreds or even thousands of individuals that are geographically distributed, in real time. That allows each community to be flexible, up to date, competitive, effective and efficient and to improve its activities.

  • Creation  of knowledge

Adobe Connect can ensure the creation of new knowledge, its storage in proper databases, updates and distribution between employees and users. All users can access, manage and download content from a centralized location. This kind of access is controlled by security management tools.

  • Time and cost reduce

Institutions can organize different kinds of training, presentations, meetings, webinars, e-learning and other events with reduced internal resources and time saving through proper planning and coordination in accordance with our solutions.  


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