Adobe Connect offers online support to teach, learn and collaborate from any distance, at any time, with integrated technology that is easy to both use and access. From administrative efficiencies to extending the classroom across the globe, Adobe Connect provides a powerful platform for distributed learning and communication. Also, through Adobe Connect, we allow the opportunity to hold virtual classrooms, online lectures, lecture capturing and recording.

Adobe Connect can be used in different educational institutions such as universities, high schools, primary schools, K-12 schools, distance schools, vocational schools etc. We are offering to these institutions a possibility to get easy and functional solutions for teachers and students. Educational institutions can use Adobe Connect for online learning, online training, online meeting, webinars, support, consulting and other activities regarding their needs. Through these kinds of activities, institutions are getting cost effective communication solutions and effective collaboration with their users.

Educational institutions can get a lot of tools, richer learner registration capabilities, powerful learner management and tracking tools.

In addition, Connect Innovation enhances working with MOOC (Massive Open Online Course): it provides possibilities for registration, tracking and overall, it fosters an environment that encourages learners to pursue online, cost effective lectures.

Through these possibilities, educational institutions can: 

• Rapidly create and deploy engaging courses and content

• Maximize training attendance with powerful onboarding tools and reminders

• Enable mobile learning with instant access to training from virtually any device

• Deliver immersive experiences in live and on-demand classes

• Efficiently manage and track training

• Easily integrate with third-party systems


Key benefits
Interactive training, teaching, and learning experiences

We place a lot of emphasis on cost-effectiveness and ease-of-use when developing and updating staff development solutions. Adobe Connect addresses cost-effectiveness and ease-of-use—as well as the importance of making training fun and easy.

Adobe Connect empowers educators to quickly design training and teaching material that leverages existing content, and to quickly create interactive simulations. Furthermore, Adobe Connect enables trainers to concentrate on creating and delivering highly effective content. Trainers can provide more specialized attention by using “breakout rooms,” which enable them to give multiple participants different instructions simultaneously, and then bring everyone back together in an instant.

Improved accessibility from a multitude of environments and systems

With Adobe Connect, access is easier and more convenient than ever before. Educators can join and manage training sessions, classes, and meetings directly from most Learning Management Systems (LMSs) environments. Likewise, they permit full participation from trainees or learners in those LMS environments.

Efficiently tracking learner progress 

Institutions can facilitate test taking and improve learner interactions with a solution that integrates with Learning Management Systems (LMSs). 


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