Survey: Adobe Connect 11 – Share your experience

For a fresh start in 2021, we are more than happy to hear your appreciated opinion.
That is why we are conducting a short survey so that we can learn more about your experience using Adobe Connect.

We are sharing it with all of you, no matter if you are a long term user of Adobe Connect or you just requested your free trial. Both, your answers will be more than helpful for us in order to understand and discover your experience so that we can make improvements anyhow.

It would be meaningful if you are allowed to give us a little of your time and take a look at the short few questions below.
The questions are simple and easy. Doing the survey won't take you more than a minute and your responses are completely anonymous.

The purpose of doing this survey is to hear and analyze your opinion for Adobe Connect and by that,  try and provide you even better solutions, better features, and the best support in the upcoming year.

All you have to do is to click the link

Your input is highly appreciated!
If you have any questions please email us at

PLUS note: Connect Innovation, from the other side, provides online courses for each and any kind of users of Adobe Connect, no matter if you are experienced one, or you just started to use Adobe Connect.
W can assure you that our online courses will make the usage of AC easy and simple. They will improve your knowledge and give you the opportunity to get your meeting host certificate in the easiest way possible.
Our courses are available in all Nordic languages and English language as well. Check our courses here 

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