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Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect & Moodle

Create new meetings

Connect Innovation offers integration of Moodle with Adobe Connect, the best web conferencing solution. Through this integration, users can create meetings in the simplest way, quick and easy. The possibility for creating meetings is part of the activity section in the Moodle platform. Users can add,name them, restrict access and adjust the settings of the meeting regarding their needs.

Join meetings

Users can automatically log in and enter the meetings. It is very simple and can be done with a single press of a button.

Assign roles

Users who are creating meetings are hosts by default. They can add other Hosts, Presenters or Participants through the activity page and assign roles. Users can view the different lists for Presenters, Hosts and Participants and also select them. When creating a new meeting, by default the Meeting type is set to Public and everyone who is enrolled in the course will have access to the meeting and will be assigned the role Participant. Users also have opportunity to change the meeting type to Private, and then they need to assign a role to each of the users who should attend the meeting, otherwise they will not have access.

Watch recordings

Users can record the meetings and watch them. If a meeting has been recorded, the recording will automatically be added to the meeting’s activity page.