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MP3 and Timer Pod

Wed, 2016-06-22 09:13 -- vebion
MP3 and Timer Pod

One of the recent pods on the Adobe Connect Room is the Connect-Innovation MP3 & Timer pod. This unique add-on allows your room participants to listen to songs synchronously, and to track the time before the start of, or resume of the meeting continuously.

The MP3 player part allows you to choose and play songs, and adjust the volume. The MP3 functionality is available on mobiles as well.

The Timer countdown part further enables the host to replace text and customize the pod, set-up the timer by sliding or typing, as well as show and hide the detailed timer. The digital timer countdown is in 24-hour format, and a timeout message can be displayed. 

This highly useful and handy pod is free of charge for Connect Innovation customers.

A summary of the pod’s features is as follows:

  • Unicode
  • Timeout countdown
  • Timeout message
  • Digital countdown timer
    • 24 Hour Clock
  • Embedded mp3 player, configurable
    • Volume is modifiable by all participants
    • Host is able to mute for all participants
    • mp3 functionality on mobile
    • HTML5 compatible for presenters

You can get the pod in Nordic languages and English.