Webinars in your marketing and sales strategy

If you have ever wondered if you should implement webinars in your sale and marketing strategy this is the article for you.

Marketers and sales persons are using many effective tools to promote products and increase sales. During the last few years, webinars have become one of the leading ways for promoting and illustrating products and services.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 58% of marketers use webinars to promote their products and services and over 32% believe webinar marketing will be crucial to their success this year.

Read the article and understand better why webinars should be implemented in your marketing and sales strategy and make your decision whether to use them or not

Points Covered:

  • Increase your company's credibility
  • Webinars are cost-effective
  • Generate leads
  • Reach a wide audience
  • Engage with the audience
  • Opportunity for the audience to find out more about your brand

1. Increase your company's credibility

Hosting webinars allows businesses to demonstrate their expertise in a specific industry before their potential clients that is the perfect opportunity to show that you have the quality of being trusted and believed in.

2. Webinars are cost-effective

The number of resources needs to create and publish a webinar is a lot smaller than any other event. You can create a webinar once and use it multiple times, You can create small changes and get a whole new webinar with minimum time, money, and effort invested.

And in return, you can get high-quality leads and direct contact with your potential client.


3. Generate leads

Webinars are the ultimate way to generate new and quality leads:
Between 20 and 40 percent of the webinar, participants turn into qualified leads which is why webinars are the best lead generation tool.
One case study said that webinars can achieve high conversion rates of even 30 to 40%
MakeSocialMediaSell’sJeff Molander received a 29% closure rate from a single webinar and Clean Harris’ webinars have a 20% conversion rate.
According to ReadyTalk, between 20% and 40% of individuals who attend a webinar become qualified leads.
Other research says that 83% of companies choose webinars as the best method for generating new leads.
Branded Solopreneur says that between 2% and 5% of webinar attendees will purchase something from you.



4. Reach a wide audience

Webinars can go beyond gaining a greater number of people. You can connect with an audience that is difficult to reach out to. More so, webinars are not limiting, they can help you reach global audiences.

5. Engage with the audience

The goal of holding a webinar is to appeal to your target audience throughout the session. So it’s critical to consider particular strategies better to engage your webinar audience as a webinar host. You can stimulate the audience with interactive features like a chatbox, emojis, live polls, a social lounge, and Q&A sessions.
When attendees get on a user-friendly interface with interactive features, they communicate, and that’s how they engage and connect.


6. Opportunity for the audience to find out more about your brand

Webinars aren’t just a unique mix for your audience to learn; they’re also a good resource for you! A guest speaker might teach you more about a particular issue, or a coworker with different duties could teach you something new. You may increase your value and business by becoming educated in a field that few people are familiar with.
In addition, if you keep your mind open to the inherent benefits of connecting with other industry professionals, your webinars will be that much more engaging and captivating. If the material you create doesn’t pique your interest, it’s unlikely that it will pique the attention of others.



We hope that from what you have read you have realized the power of the webinar and how you can use them in your marketing and sales strategy.

If you like to find out how to create webinars, check this article: https://connect-innovation.com/how-to-create-webinars/

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