What types of webinars are most effective for engaging users?

Now, after you created your fist webinar and gain some acknowledgement around webinars it is time to enjoy all the benefits it provides.
But still, is it enough only to create a webinar talk about your topic for 30 minutes or so and that's all. On that way you are far away from achieving the right purpose webinar have - to engage users and make them eager to know more for your product or topic.

That's why we are presenting the three types of webinars that will not only engage your users but will make them count days until your next webinar.
Also we are talking a bit more about how long should webinar last and why.


Sales Webinars
One of the most popular webinar formats is a sales webinar. With this type of webinar, you are teaching valuable content to your audience and pitching at the end. For a sales webinar,  we would recommend keeping it between 45 – 90 minutes length. This is an ideal length if you are selling a digital course or product. Still,  if you’re just starting your webinar journey, maybe 35-50 minutes is better and less intimidating. Don’t forget to factor in your own webinar experience when deciding how long it should be. The important thing is to get started and you can always adjust your webinar length based on your sales and results.

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Q&A Webinars
While sales webinars should be around 60 minutes, Q&A style webinars can be very different. According to the statistics some of the highest converting webinars of this type have been four hours long! Hard to believe, right? Please keep in mind that you should not host this types of webinars very often but when you have something important to share, during a big launch, for example, they are recommended every day. A Q&A style webinar allows you to engage with your audience, answer any questions, and help them build more trust with you. In general, set an expectation at the beginning that these will be between 60-90 minutes with a chance of being longer. If you have the time and energy plus the audience is sticking around, go longer so you can make even better results.

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Coaching Webinar
A coaching webinar can be like a weekly meetup for clients who chose an upgraded package to work with you more directly. This makes you more accessible to them  and again gives a chance your audience to build a trust with you.
As you will engage with them more frequently, you can keep these webinars similar to the sales webinar. Depending on the total number of calls, you probably want to keep them between 30-60 minutes. Remember, it really depends on the outcome of your webinar and what you want to share.

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Remember, your audience took time out of their lives and came to this event to find a solution to a problem they’re facing. So make sure to deliver on your webinar promise and provide tons of value information in the right amount of time.

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