LMS platform in your organization

LMS platform

Why does every organization need a learning platform?

The LMS platform can certainly help and make your business more successful and far more adjustable and accessible for your employees. It is something that works deeply inside your organization but its effects are reflected outside on the market.

By using LMS you will improve the image you have on the market, you will have a well-trained and educated team, you will have informed customers for all your products, etc.

Adobe Captivate Prime

We would highly recommend Adobe Captivate Prime as a solution for LMS.

It is an LMS that is reimagined to meet the needs of every unique learner and to give you complete control to deliver personalized learning experiences to your employees, customers, and partners.
So let's see when you can use LMS inside your organization:

Customer education

Reimagine Customer Education for a digital world.
By using Adobe Captivate Prime you can accelerate product adoption with effective customer education programs.

You can easily manage customer onboarding and improve retention by keeping track of their progress. It will also help in gathering deep insights from detailed reports to drive retention marketing campaigns.
In the end, you will be able to take proactive decisions based on learning patterns and boost customer satisfaction.

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Employee Reskilling

Skill is the new currency

By choosing Adobe Captivate Prime, you can easily stay ahead of your competition with a workforce that’s skilled and informed.
The AI-powered recommendation engine promotes skill-based learning plans to employee cohorts. Also, encourage proactive reskilling initiatives with gamification points, certifications, and badges. Your managers can take pre-emptive decisions using data from the skill and compliance report dashboards.


Sales and Partner Training

Training meets targets

Adobe Captivate Prime empowers internal and external sales teams to achieve better success in closing deals.
It can help in delivering quick and effective learning modules to your frontline employees at the point of need. It provides advanced audience management rules and provides personalized learning content.
Your organization will get access to in-depth performance analytics and will create rich insights that inform the business.

Compliance Training

Uncomplicate Compliance

Are you worried about the complexities of delivering compliance training at scale?
Adobe Captivate Prime helps you and keeps your enterprise audit-ready. By choosing Adobe Captivate Prime you are choosing an enterprise LMS that is easy to set up and offers industry-leading features that allow you to scale as you grow, with multi-dimensional report suites at your fingertips.

Franchisee and Store Training

Training delivered at Point of Sale

And last but certainly not least, by choosing Adobe Captivate Prime you can train your franchisee workforce to effectively demonstrate global brand standards across audience segments.
This provides branch heads and franchisee owners with their own instances of the LMS and recommends learning programs to train or upskill employees. It will give learners access to in-house courses, off-the-shelf learning content, or third-party content, and keep track of their learning initiatives via multi-dimensional report suites.

Try Adobe Captivate Prime for free for 30 days and discover all the possibilities it will bring to your organization.

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