Why you should choose On-Premise Solution?

On-Premise solution

On-premises storage relies on infrastructure on your company to manage your data, making the company owner of the equipment giving it responsible for the lifecycle management.

Many companies enjoy greater security than on-premises solutions and storage give their data. On-premises software comes with advantages that are sure to provide value to your business.

Function offline

One of the advantages of on-premises storage is that it doesn’t require users to have an internet connection to access data. This means that network connection is crucial for most businesses and that the fear of losing a connection could harm the working process and make it impossible to access crucial information. On-premises servers will provide you with an internal network that is accessible always, no matter your internet connection.

Cheaper network solution

If your business relies on on-premise solutions you may not need to pay for a high-speed connection. The need for a strong connection with fast download speeds is reduced to the minimum. Based on your needs, you may not have to pay for a more expensive internet plan if you don’t have to access the cloud to view files.

More secured

On-premises storage is completely secured from anyone other than authorized personnel. On-premises servers are not approachable for anyone outside the network, as they are not storing the data online. For companies who work with sensitive data, like those in the government and in the financial industry, on-premises storage may be a preferred option. In addition, more often it's easier to install extra data securing tools to data and programs based on an on-premises system rather than a cloud-based one.

Server control

A big number of the companies have dedicated servers within their building to handle all their needs. Instead of requiring a cloud storage company to upgrade their storage plan or add new features, they can do that on their own. Possibly, being able to modify the server’s hardware can give savvy companies greater opportunities and customization for their needs.

More customized solution

Handling the on-premises software yourself is giving you the possibility to customize it much more than if you were using a cloud-based solution. If your business has needs that aren’t commonly covered by options in the industry, then on-premises software will be the right choice.

Purchase versus subscription

Licensing models for premise solutions are closely related to the host hardware and the employee. A company has the right to discreetly reallocate licenses within this concurrent model. Most often companies are buying 0-15% more licenses to provide growth during the lifecycle of the platform.

Adobe Connect on-premise solution

Choosing Adobe Connect for your on-premise solution means that you are choosing a great tool in guarding sensitive data, making your storage more efficient, and providing top-quality customer service. If you’re looking to choose the right solution for your data secured system and have more questions popping up, just contact us or fill out the form below. Our On-premise experts will follow up on you as soon as possible, providing all answers you need.


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