2020 - Year to remember

We are leaving one unforgettable and unique year behind us.
Unique for many reasons. The whole world faced something that has never faced before.

Unconsciously, we were facing a real challenge in each and every point of view. 

Would you believe if someone told you before, that it would be a real challenge to visit your parents, challenge to go to work, challenge to live normally, challenge to inhale and exhale in the park as you are used to?
Well, we believe everything now. We have to, for our own good.

If this year brought something good, it brought lessons to learn. Many of them.
Leason that we need to appreciate more, to appreciate our work, our parents, our nature, our life, the possibility to go to the market even.

And next to appreciation, we need to learn to live online. Even those who thought that will never do. Thanks to all those possibilities to stay connected and be online, people kept their jobs, people continue to see their relatives and significant others, celebrated birthdays, gave each other support, watched sports together, sang and played together, watched their nephew's weddings, learned together, survived together.

And among other things that we are thankful for and more than proud, is that Connect Innovation alongside Adobe Connect was there when it was most needed.

We were there to give support, we were there to help, to provide, and deliver. 

Thanks to you and no one else but you, giving us your trust, as our clients and partners, leaving aside all the difficulties we faced as humans this year, we have to confess that we are more than grateful and satisfied with all we've done.

Thanks to you we had

OVER 200

Successfull webinars




Adobe Connect 11

After all these webinars, shared thoughts with our clients, support, and after everything that has been done for Adobe Connect 11 to reach you, we can finally close the 2020 chapter and start over.

We are expecting and hope that 2021 will be better and more gentle with us. That human race will rise and stand tall, stronger, happier, and wiser. 

As for Connect Innovation and Adobe Connect, we are staying at your service, we are always here to help you to stay connected with all your colleagues, friends, relatives, loved ones and to remind them how important they are, we are always here to provide support, to answer each your question and provide the best solution for your online sessions regardless their purpose.

Thank you!


PLUS note:
Connect Innovation, from the other side, provides online courses for each and any kind of user of Adobe Connect, no matter if you are experienced, or you just started to use Adobe Connect.
We can assure you that our online courses will make the usage of AC easy and simple. They will improve your knowledge and give you the opportunity to get your meeting host certificate in the easiest way possible.
Our courses are available in all Nordic languages and English language as well. Check our courses here 

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