7 Best Ways To Stay Connected With Your Friends & Family

Stay Connected To Your Friends And Family

It is always important to have your friend and family around, especially in these difficult times. Their support and company are important for happiness and overall well-being. Many studies are showing that strengthening the relationship with your loved ones, can help you live a longer life.

But, we are living in a time when hanging out with our friends and family is not allowed for all the healthy reasons which are very well known to us.
Nowadays keeping in touch can feel challenging, if not downright impossible at times. We are isolating ourselves so that we can protect ourselves and the good health of our loved ones.
Fortunately,  thanks to all the platforms for online meetings and virtual events, there are plenty of ways you can hear, see, and speak to those near and dear to you, even when they’re not physically close.

We've prepared a list of the 7 best ways how you can stay connected to your friends and family and have fun.

Bring them together for a virtual happy hour

Just because you can’t raise your glasses in person, doesn’t mean your days of gathering with family and friends over drinks are over.
When distance creates a barrier, virtual happy hours are a fun option for connecting in different time zones.
Adobe Connect meeting room is a great place where you can enjoy a few drinks with your family and friends and keep happy hour alive.
Create a meeting room, pick a time that works for everyone, send a calendar invite, and choose a signature drink.
You can even share some recipes for concocting your favorite cocktail or cocktail using Adobe Connect Pods.

Start a remote book club

Do you have a favorite cousin or a friend with who you love to discuss your favorite book hours and hours?
Starting a remote book club is an excellent way to keep in touch with fellow book lovers and maybe even introduce yourself to a new author or genre.
Create a meeting room, Recruit family, friends, and beyond to get together virtually to discuss a book chosen by the group.

Celebrate special occasions with a video

Have to be apart for a birthday, anniversary, or another milestone event? Distance doesn’t mean you have to miss out on celebrations—you just need to reinvent them.
Start your Adobe Connect free trial, create a meeting room, and send that special someone an invitation to join the room, There you can share your custom video of yourself along with a heartfelt message. While it might not be quite as good as celebrating in person, the receiver will get to keep the video message forever. Go the extra mile and coordinate with a group of family and friends to each record a special video message for whomever you’re celebrating. Get creative! Piece the video messages together and your receiver will have a heartfelt, one-of-a-kind keepsake they can cherish for years to come.

Share recipes and cook together

Cooking together can be a great bonding activity for family and friends alike—and luckily, you can still gather around the kitchen virtually.
Start your Adobe Connect free trial, create a meeting room, and ask your mom to teach you how to cook your favorite childhood dish, try your hand at hosting a cooking party, or start a “cook club” to keep in touch.
Each week have the group select a recipe for everyone to make. Get to work in the kitchen and then set a time to meet virtually and discuss your trials and tribulations.

Eat a meal together online

Food is a means of connection—so it’s lucky for us that distance doesn’t have to stop you from breaking bread with your family and friends. Create a meeting room, and set up a time to share a meal virtually with your loved ones.
Have everyone join the meeting via a digital conference provider and catch up over a meal. Want to go all out? Even if you’re having dinner while they’re having brunch, make things formal by setting your table, putting down a tablecloth, and popping a bottle of bubbly.

Make a party of your own home

There’s nothing quite like seeing font-size: 1emone of your favorite bands with your loved ones in tow. Many concerts, festivals, and other performances are now available for live streaming for fans around the world. Create a meeting room, find a concert, festival, or performance you like, and reach out to family and friends to set up a time to watch from your homes. You can share your screen or share an MP4 video or a link, using Adobe Connect Pods.

Take an online workout class

Working out with your family and friends is a great way to motivate yourself to live a healthier life. Thanks to the internet, you can exercise with your loved ones even if you’re on the other side of the globe. Search “free online workouts” and you’ll find thousands of results for video workouts to make getting your heart rate up at home easier. Create a meeting room, Schedule a workout date with your best friend and get ready to sweat it out.


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