Adobe Connect 12.6 Update

Adobe Connect 12.6 represents a minor update that introduces fresh features, enhances existing ones, improves accessibility, and addresses known issues.

Introducing Broadcast Control for Adobe Connect sessions:

Broadcast Control adds a special button for hosts to start speaking to everyone in the audience. Before hitting this button, the presentation team can talk privately without others hearing and check their audio/video quality. Even before the session starts, participants can enter the room and see what's happening, but they won't hear or see the hosts and presenters until the broadcast begins. In simple terms, Broadcast Control creates a 'virtual green room' for the presentation team.

Please remember: Broadcast Control only works on mobile app version 3.6 and newer. If participants try to join a session with Broadcast Control using an older app version, they'll need to update their app or join from a mobile browser.

Virtual Green Room Host View

Virtual Green Room Participant View

New in the Quiz pod: Short answer questions!

Now you can add 'Short answer' questions to your quizzes. These questions only include text prompts; there are no multiple-choice options. Responses to short answer questions won't affect scores. However, they will be included in the quiz reports accessible in Connect Central.


Quiz pod import/export functionality

We've added features to import/export quiz questions, making it simpler to set up the quiz pod. You can now use GIFT and CSV file formats for both importing and exporting.

Diarized Transcripts for recordings (beta)

Meeting recordings with transcription enabled will now generate diarized transcripts, displaying speaker names. These transcripts can be viewed during playback and can be edited by hosts.

Closed captions inside Breakout Rooms

Closed captions are now available within breakout rooms. However, as breakout rooms are not recorded, these captions won't be included in recordings.

Mixed Audio in Breakout Rooms

Universal Voice/Mixed Audio is now supported within Breakout Rooms, allowing users from telephony and VoIP connections to communicate with each other. Initially, this feature is limited to Meeting One, with plans for broader support in future releases.

Engagement Dashboard default reporting

The Engagement Dashboard now defaults to reporting participant engagement. You can customize the roles used for engagement calculation by accessing the Tracking option in the Engagement Dashboard pod menu.

Recording playback speed control

You'll now have the option to control the playback speed of recordings, with various speed settings available to adjust playback speed according to your preferences.

Recording playback speed control

You'll now have the option to control the playback speed of recordings, with various speed settings available to adjust playback speed according to your preferences.

PDF document sharing zoom enhancement

Sharing PDF documents in share pods has been improved to optimize space usage. Previously, documents didn't scale up to occupy the available space fully, especially hindering the sharing of presentations in PDF format.

Classic Mobile Applications Retirement Notice:

We're retiring the classic mobile applications for Adobe Connect ('Adobe Connect Classic' on Android and 'Adobe Connect' on iOS). Moving forward, only the new and improved versions of the mobile applications ('Adobe Connect' on Android and 'Adobe Connect New' on iOS) will be supported.

From now on, users won't be able to access sessions held on Adobe Connect 12.6 version using the classic mobile applications. If you try to access Adobe Connect 12.6 rooms from classic mobile applications, you'll be prompted to install the new application.

For further details, please refer to the 'Upgrade from classic to new Adobe Connect mobile application' documentation.

Watch the short 30-minute webinar recording and learn about new capabilities at:

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