A Tale of Two Mobile Apps

Adobe Connect mobile application 

There are currently two versions of the Adobe Connect mobile application available on the Apple App Store and soon on Google Play – the original ‘Adobe Connect’, and the new ‘Adobe Connect New’.

Each version offers slightly different features, so both versions will be available until the new mobile app achieves feature parity with the old one. Depending on the type of meeting, a user may prefer one version over the other. While these two applications have very different interfaces, either can be used to join most Adobe Connect meetings, seminar rooms, or virtual classrooms. Both versions can be installed on the same device, and neither will be replaced if the other is updated. The original will appear as ‘Connect’, while the new app will be named ‘Adobe Connect’.

The original Adobe Connect mobile application (currently version 2.7.0 on iOS, 2.6.9 on Android) was introduced in 2009 and updated until 2018, however it is no longer being developed as it is based on the now unsupported 32-bit Adobe Flash technology. The Adobe Connect New application is a completely rewritten application, using the latest coding techniques and 64-bit programming platforms, and will be the focus of our development as we move forward – so stay tuned!

In order to deliver our new application to customers earlier, we selected only a subset of features to implement first – those commonly used in basic day-to-day meetings. This means that more advanced features of our product are not yet available and that certain meeting activities will not be possible in this new application yet. We will continue to add features in future releases until we soon reach a point where the original version is no longer needed and can be removed.

The chart on this page outlines the supported features for each mobile app.

We hope you enjoy using both of our applications, but encourage you to try the Adobe Connect New application for the best performance!


source Adobe Connect Blog


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