Adobe Connect 12.5

After the 12.4 update, Connect has come with a new 12.5 update with powerful product developments and several new features.

Chat Panel

Adobe Connect has long offered the convenience of chat features, allowing you to include one or more chat pods in your layouts, and giving participants the ability to chat during sessions. For more controlled interactions, there's the Q&A pod, which lets you review messages before sharing them with everyone. However, these chat pods occupy space on your layout and are part of the recording, which may not always be ideal.

Enter the new Chat Panel, designed with recording flexibility in mind. With this feature, you can now create layouts tailored for your recordings, excluding the chat element if you prefer. This way, you have the freedom to decide what goes into your final recording while still enjoying the benefits of chatting during your live sessions.

By default, the Chat Panel operates independently for each attendee in a session. Opening or closing the Chat Panel for one person doesn't affect everyone else. Each participant can choose whether to see the chat or not. But here's the exciting part: we've also introduced the 'Force Presenter View' option. When enabled, only a presenter or host has the power to open or close the Chat Panel, and whatever they decide is synchronized with everyone in the room.

For our existing customers, enabling the new Chat Panel is easy. Simply select the option in the Meeting Preferences menu.

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Pod Switcher

A hidden gem in Adobe Connect that many weren't aware of was the ability to seamlessly exchange the contents of one note pod with another, or switch between different polls with ease. Rather than hiding your note pod, navigating to the pods' menu, and selecting a new pod, you could simplify the process by clicking on the options menu and choosing a new note or poll. However, this feature was somewhat elusive, and it only applied to notes and polls.

In version 12.5, we're thrilled to unveil an enhanced pod-switching capability that not only extends its use but also makes it more user-friendly and easier to discover.

Now, the title bar of most pods, including Share, Notes, Chat, Files, Web Links, Poll, and Quiz, will feature a discreet drop-down arrow in the top-right corner. A simple click on this arrow will empower you to swiftly transition from one instance of that particular type of pod to another. For instance, you can effortlessly switch from one quiz to a different quiz or seamlessly move between various polls. Enjoy the newfound convenience of pod switching in Adobe Connect 12.5!

Clear Pod Content

In Adobe Connect, rooms are like your trusty virtual spaces, enduring and reusable. Everything you've uploaded, from PowerPoint presentations to files, weblinks, custom pods, layouts, and more, persists in these rooms.

However, there are times when you don't want remnants of a previous session lingering in your new one. When you revisit a room you've used before, you might find yourself meticulously going through each layout to ensure the chat history is wiped clean, polls are reset, and the Q&A from the last session is cleared out.

Now, we're making this process effortless with a new option in the pods menu. Think of it as your robot vacuum for your virtual room! This option automates the clearing of content for you. It tidies up the chat in Chat pods (including the new Chat Panel), resets the Q&A, and refreshes any polls across all layouts.

Rest assured, if your pod isn't part of any layouts, it won't be affected. Plus, we make sure to neatly conclude any polls, ensuring that you can always access the results in your room's reports, even if the polls have been cleared. And if you have specific preferences, you can always choose to preserve certain content by deselecting any of the options.

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